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Climate change in layman’s language is rapid extreme changes in weather patterns on a global basis that keep getting more extreme and posing a real danger to human existence on the earth.

Our user manual we call The Scriptures, tells us that the sun and the moon and their activities are responsible for the day and the night, years and seasons, and signs of the times. They control the movement and patterns of the wind, sea water levels temperatures and environmental air temperatures, rain drought, and so on.

This is why any human activity that challenges their authority or invades their space will be met with severe consequences. They will use the elements under their control to control the humans planning to control them.

The sun and the moon are here primarily as humans are for the sake of the earth to provide light and sustenance for the earth and its ornaments of which humans are a type of ornament.

Consequently, activities such as space adventurism are suicidal for humans. Space adventurism is a violation of space and is responsible for over 90% of the problem as space adventurism is warfare against the authority of the sun and the moon.

Weather patterns have been monitored for a long time and have shown predictable patterns based on the time of the year. Cold temperatures in the northern hemisphere in end/beginning of the year and warmer temperatures in the middle of the year and the opposite of these patterns in the southern hemisphere with the artic and Antarctica ice sheets forming weather boundaries.  There were hurricanes and tornadoes but they were in most cases predictable as to the extent of their severity i.e. there was a pattern.

In the last 70 or so years there were indications of a gradual shift to more erratic weather patterns and in particular in the last few decades as space adventurism ticked up in leaps and bounds triggering an aggressive response from the sun and moon.

This has resulted in a more rapid rising in the earth’s atmospheric temperatures. The gradual change of earlier years suddenly changed to a rapid change in the last 2 decades and has been on an increasingly rapid march with a lot of ice melting in the Arctic and Antarctica which are some of the effects of climate change most talked about.

The weather patterns have also become erratic as if trying to draw attention to something. What are they saying? Why are we misinterpreting everything and not taking things seriously but only increasing space adventurism with some talk of space military activities and capturing stars and other wild talks in defiance and rebellion?

Why have humans decided to challenge the authority of the sun and moon? Is this not a suicidal attempt by the nations of the world? Why are people attributing everything to activities on earth and not acknowledging space activity though they can see and feel the impact of climate change?

If your guess was global mental decline and inability to discern the difference between good and evil and between darkness and light you are correct

To understand it all we will look into the manual for dwelling here on the earth we call The Scriptures which is the basis for all our understanding and modern science.

Here are 10 main reasons for climate change and they are all connected:

  1. Our Manual tells us that the love of money i.e. economic greed is the root of all kinds of evil. It means nothing good can ever come from economic greed no matter how much we deceive ourselves and tell ourselves it can.
  2. This greed is the root of the mental health breakdown that made humans decide to wage an invasive war with the sun, moon, and stars in an impossible bid to colonize them, harness their wealth and live forever as the controllers of the earth. This is madness as we did not create the earth and are only a part of the system.
  3. Why is everyone so accepting of this greed? The answer is the European culture of pretext and belief that to achieve something you have to imagine yourself there and live a life of pretext that you are there which convinces people you are there and makes them carry out activities that propel you there at their expense without their realizing it. It is deception to get what you want. It is the basis for our system of entertainment and theater. It provides a feel-good experience that makes people trust without verifying. Unfortunately, that only works with humans and fails outright when directed at a Holy God who is our Maker. Neither does it work with nature. Consequently, our bodies are not fooled by GMO foods and we end up with cancers for example.
  4. It is the earth that carries us and which has the choice of whether to continue to carry us as individuals, groups, cities, and nations on it.  Everything in existence has a choice and not just humans. Humans are only allowed limited control over animals, birds, sea creatures, and plants. They too have a choice and continuously choose to stay within boundaries. Only humans have a grossly exaggerated opinion of themselves.
  5. Our basis for modern science is the understanding of coded systems. We gleaned our understanding from The Scriptures. The symbols that make our code work are called Hebrew symbols and Science is based on the understanding that what we see in nature is based on light words that created patterns and processes that made light fields of varying frequencies and types magnetize and connect and fuse and merge to become visible objects.
  6. Nature is therefore a natural computer system. Like any other computer system, nature is operated by codes and sub-codes that direct the operations of its many parts. Being a coded system means someone put it in place as codes have to be written. They are words. Words have to be spoken in thought and or audibly before they can be written. Speech whether audible or inaudible is not visible. They are not physical that you can touch. You can only hear them. They are light fields and control the weaker physical that can be seen.
  7. The light words that produced nature were spoken. The words that we use in human activity coding on the other hand are weak written light words and have no power of their own. They depend on the limited power given to the Hebrew symbols that our maker gave to my ancestors thousands of years ago. It was provided to enable them to gain an understanding of nature so they would know their limits and help them to curtail their curiosity. They were a learning lab to provide prototypes of what would be coming in nature, not things to operate in nature itself. The authority given to the symbols only operates in the physical visible realm. It does not extend to the nonvisible but more powerful soul and the spirit realm. The end products could be taken out without creating confusion in nature i.e. they were temporary objects and processes.
  8. In today’s world, however, these symbols are being misused by humans in a hurry to sample the newest things, not waiting for our Maker’s go ahead, trying to see how far they can go without being destroyed.
  9. What is the implication of nature being a coded system: A coded system must have a beginning and an end before it can run. It must end in a process or object i.e. it must have a purpose for being. Everything the code will encounter must be anticipated and corrective measures or workarounds put in place to ensure it arrives at the end process or object. If it meets something along the way not anticipated, it will not be able to proceed until the writer of the code puts in a fix or it will stall and possibly collapse or becomes nonfunctional. Since nature has not collapsed and we are still here, it means our actions that have resulted in climate change are some of the anticipated courses of actions humans could choose to take. Climate change is the coded repercussion or consequence. This tells us there is a natural fix.
  10.  Being a result of our Maker’s spoken light words, and not dependent on symbols, nature is not subject to human manipulations or whims. We can manipulate some things but it will not change nature, it will be only a destructive force in nature whose removal is certain. The path of removal may however result in human decimation or annihilation. Our Maker is however kind and has made the way out simple and easy-  cease and desist and has provided a way for the objects in nature that control the weather, climate, days, years, season, etc. i.e. the sun and the moon to let us know our actions are unauthorized and must stop or else… Climate change and global warming are such warnings. This means climate change is the result of some activities that occurred. It is the consequence of some action or inaction and the climate change solutions that work are the ones that achieve the cease and desist compliance.

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