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Many people believe that the mosquito is the great enemy and have labeled this poor animal the most dangerous. It is however the human that has been oppressing the mosquitos abusing it and using it to develop sicknesses and diseases. Humans are therefore the most dangerous animals to the human race and not the mosquito. Let me prove it.  Here are 12 reasons humans are the problem and not the mosquito.

  1. We have developed many mass-killing diseases from mosquito research. We have built all these mosquito factories to harvest the malaria parasite and malaria bacteria from the mosquito and have developed all these deadly viruses by injecting various lab-generated proteins into the mosquitos. Humans have already developed many pandemics including Yellow Fever, Ebola, COVID 19, SARS, Dengue, West Nile, Measles, Smallpox, and so on from the malaria parasite and the malaria bacteria. The list is endless.
  2. We continue to build mosquito factories under the pretext of finding ways of dealing with malaria but instead come up with pandemic-causing diseases. There is it seems a fascination with looking for how to cause death and shed innocent blood.
  3. Humans have a fascination with finding out all the ways to kill each other without holding ourselves responsible. The mosquito is in fact the victim. It is held responsible for the death and destruction caused by the insatiable appetite of humans for blood shedding.
  4. Humans conveniently forget that we have a maker who has given us a manual for living in the computer system of nature. That manual prohibits murder or the shedding of innocent blood and there are no exceptions allowed. It tells us such blood must be accounted for. Our Maker is the owner of life and killing is stealing and being caught red-handed in the act. This is the reason why every attempt to stimulate the economy by developing sickness and diseases and their vaccine have all failed. The blood sacrificed in the process cries for vengeance.
  5. Consequently what we call research is actually murder and shedding of innocent blood and the animal and human lives lost and maimed in the process cry for vengeance. Our research is therefore covering the earth with darkness and not light. It does not take care of the earth and cannot be blessed. Our research is actually darkness and not light.
  6. The only natural disease from mosquitos is malaria everything else is humanly derived and many institutions own the patents for all these diseases.
  7. We pretend to be doing research on malaria but end up with biological weapons. Humans are weaponizing nature. This is a sad development for humans who were placed here to take care of the earth and its ornaments. It is a great fall from Noah who was entrusted with saving every living species including the mosquito.
  8. It is evident of the deep mental decline of humans. The decline from the fall of the first family has deepened and has indeed been exacerbated by the mental depletions inherent in computer use. It seems in a computer-use-based culture, the line between good and evil and the line between life and death, and the line between light and darkness all become blurred and humans no longer have the neurotransmitter balance to discern the differences. Consequently, many things defined as life-giving research are really murder in disguise just as deficit financing is not and does not produce wealth but it is and produces poverty.
  9. After developing each disease we then research which animal would be the best host for the most lethal delivery that would not be traceable to human research. Sometimes it is the mosquito, sometimes it is bats, sometimes it is animal products sold in the local market or deers, pets such as dogs and cats, and even the air we all breathe, Many researchers seem to forget they and their relatives and loved ones are also humans and are only concerned with making a name for themselves and the financial rewards associated with such recognition.
  10. This is further evidence of our global mental breakdown as such research is encouraged by most nations and they are proud of their citizens’ achievements celebrating such achievements as national and not just individual/personal. This high level of national and global recognition is too much of a temptation for researchers to resist as it changes their lives forever resulting in an upward swing in local, national, and international standing. The pressure is enormous that we place on researchers to provide new ways of mass murder.
  11. Consequently, mass murder in the name of research has become the priority of humans. We are in a global suicide and murder culture and we have come up with many names to cover up the blood thirst and deceive ourselves that it is not the murder/suicide it is.
  12. This insatiable bloodthirst is why no one wants to accept the fact that over 90% of the human cause of global warming and climate change is space adventurism. Please access our blog- 10 main reasons for climate change HERE to learn more

From the foregoing, we can see that we really do have a global mental epidemic as humans have become a great danger to the rest of nature. All our attempts at economic revival are failing as all our approaches run in the opposite direction of what our manual tells us to do and therefore are doomed to fail.

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