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We are offering wired mental health assessment Tools that work. These tools are attached to various seminar in our 8 part webinar series. Some of them are listed bellow. These are offered as a free bonus to the each related webinar when you purchase the related webinar. Learn more/Buy Now Webinar purchase comes with gold level site membership which is free for 1 month and a $10 coupon. Apart from webinars and blogs we have other resources including books. as depicted in the image bellow. You can purchase your books from this site or from using the button provided on this website. Buy Now at

You can also purchase eBook version through the kindle store link on this website or going to amazon .com. These book are all available in most eBook format such as apple, nook, kobo, and so on. You are not helpless. Help is available for you, your caregivers and your doctors..

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The wellness tools you get depend on your seminar purchase as you will need the information garnered from the webinar We are attempting to make the information you receive work to address your need.

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Tools available include the following:

  1. Level I Personal Wired Life questionnaire
  2. Level II questionnaire
  3. Depression state awareness exercise
  4. Biochemical balance questionnaire
  5. Environmental balance Questionnaire
  6. Nutritional balance Questionnaire
  7. Wired life Exercises for home and work that work
  8. Organ Health Questionnaire

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