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Work productivity is the hallmark of the enterprise. It determines the corporate bottom line and Productivity is the measure by which employers reward their employees. Consequently, anything that affects it has huge implications for everyone.

In today’s world, work is no longer done just onsite in the office, most organizations combine both onsite and work from home schedules. This arose in response to the COVID 19 pandemic which started in 2020 and is still very much around.

Most corporate work is computer use based. There is however a lot of deliberate and willful ignorance about its limit.

Unbeknown to many, inherent in the computer use experience is the depletions in the body of resources normally used up in activities that involve reading and being in the presence of light.

The human is coded by our maker to interact with other humans and everything else in nature as a whole being to a whole being i.e. not just physical that we can see but also the spiritual and soul level that we cannot see or have control over but which controls the physical and is more powerful than the physical we can see.

The computers we work with are however incomplete as we are only able to affect the physical level that we can see with our codes

Consequently, the computer light we interact with is incomplete in both physiological and the unseen soul/spiritual levels. It is unable to stimulate and trigger natural replenishment processes that normally happen when we read and work with the natural light of the sun and the moon.

In addition, vital neurotransmitters that allow us to be emotionally connected and balanced are not fully deployed.

Most decisions made based on computer use derived information without or with little personal contact are therefore based more on perception than reality even if the facts are right in front of us. It all depends on what we the viewer or receiver would feel if we were the ones writing.

Because of this, many online vendors do a lot of research on what people would feel if their messages come from their target audience. This is what sells on the internet i.e. what I see depends on what I would feel if I was the one posting not necessarily on what the person posting wants to portray.

This is the main reason why people have been able to spread misinformation, radicalize others and so on. They just tap into the imagination of the viewer. In other words, the mind and its imagination is what is used in viewing things online and making decisions.

The depletion and incompleteness of the computer use environment is what makes it so difficult to see the other person’s point of view in a computer-dependent world as I can only read my own emotions and feelings. It is all in my mind.

Here are 4 out of the many implications for business productivity

1. Flawed hardened positions: When we go online, we already have expectations. We go looking for something that tells us about what we are thinking and so when we find it because we are unaware we are in a deficient environment, we assume our feeling of okay means what we think is being conveyed is correct.

This may result in more arguments in online conducted meetings and less cohesion in working teams.

When we leave the meeting we all think we are on the same page only to find out everyone really took away different things from the meeting. In today’s computer-use-dependent work environment, there are many consequences for job productivity as a result of this. 

2. Undetected Flawed decision: Because of the depletions in neurotransmitters inherent in the computer use experience, it is easy to convince others based on emotions rather than based on facts. Because we are all impaired, facts may not be facts but may seem so. It is only when our plans and decisions fail or the product or output shows flaws that we are able to fully understand the decisions we make.

It is, therefore, more difficult to be open-minded in a computer-use-based environment since presentations target emotions and feelings. We just look for the facts that match our feelings and emotions and choose to accept them as the correct facts. 

3. Delayed Comprehension: delayed comprehension is when we think we understood what we heard and saw and make decisions based on what we think we saw and heard only for it to be replayed in our minds a few hours or a few days or months later and for us to now realize what we thought we understood what not what we understood. This problem increases with computer use dependency.

4. Loss of Empathy: This is most apparent in interpersonal relationships and also when making products that people use. You have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person using your service or product or else you become cynical and your products and services will not take into consideration the feelings of your prospect just how you can get more money from them.

This may work for a while but it is not a recipe for sustainable long-term success. When it comes to interpersonal relationships on the job, a lack of empathy is at the root of many of the problems.

Sometimes it is even perceived lack of empathy and not actual lack of empathy due to the depletions that make it difficult to get out of the me, me, mode. This is why the generations that grew up with the computer are less empathetic than older generations. 

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If we want to continue to have a productive computer use culture, we must all choose to find out the truth and take the necessary steps to address and reverse things before unintended and unplanned calamities destroy things to the point where the whole economy shuts down involuntarily due to these inherent issues.

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