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Today’s world in whatever way one chooses to look at it is on the edge. Everywhere you look it is chaos. Healthwise there are pandemics with the promise of more pandemics all a result of governments looking for how to use nature for biological warfare. Everyone is preparing for battles no one can win.

Meanwhile, the populace is being told that viruses spring out of thin air though they are not naturally occurring and are the result of public/private experimentations. It is as if the people experimenting with everyone have forgotten that they are humans too and they and their families too would be affected by what they are unleashing upon everyone.

We are informed these murderous tendencies are advancement i.e. intentionally harming everyone is an advancement that is good and better than when our quest for knowledge was not an excuse for annihilation.

We are told that we need to carry out these experiments in order to fight diseases and look for cures. Consequently, we develop the diseases then say we have found diseases and then use that as a pretext for more deficit financing in order to find cures that we never find. We create jobs and an illusion of wealth by killing off some other members of the human race.

Financially we create artificial values for companies that are higher than the GDPs of many nations combined even though there is no basis for it. We finance the stock market, creating artificial wealth. This wealth because it has nothing backing it creates anxiety because it can easily be made to disappear.

We have messed up the food so much that instead of foods working as designed to keep us healthy many are now suffering serious sicknesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart issues, and various mental problems as a result of the various chemicals in food as much as we suffer as a result of the genetical modifications of food.

Foods we like such as grapes and other fruits that kept us healthy for thousands of years as a result of the natural control and management of their sugar content are now a cause of sicknesses and diseases as they have been modified to be seedless. We are told that chemically adulterated minerals, vitamins, and other food nutrients are just as good as the ones in the correct natural state and which the body is coded to operate with.

It is like everything given to be a blessing humans manage to turn into a curse because we do not want to accept the responsibility we abuse technology and try to make things responsible for our demise by overusing technology which is easier to blame. Technology is designed and operated by humans. It does not have a choice about how humans choose to use it and cannot defend itself.

Technology should actually be a blessing a way to make things easier without self-hurt. This is not how we humans have used it. It has become a convenient scapegoat so we do not have to take responsibility for our actions and excesses.

It is the computer that emits the radiation but it is humans that have decided that work must be done 24 hours a day as we can work from home and on-site so there is no break from this radiation. There is no regard for the effect on the human system. We are told that is the only way to earn a decent living. We end up having to spend all the money on trying to stay healthy

Our disregard for ourselves as human computers is actually mind-boggling. We do not stop at this heavy burden we have put on the human system, we then insist that it must handle near 24 hours a day exposure to electromagnetic fields it is not coded to handle as we make everything computer use-dependent regardless of whether it makes sense to do so or not.

Consequently, some humans are imposing their own self-destructive tendencies on everyone else.

The level of mental health damage arising from all this heavy load of chaos means there is no one living in any industrialized nation who is not suffering from mental health issues

Where do we find help to handle this constant assault on our minds and bodies to enable cope as citizens of the nations of the world since we are stuck in this environment?

We at now have a podcast PRECIPICE that will hopefully provide some motivational help to help us keep our minds intact as we go from day to day.

We have our first broadcast. Please listen, join us, donate and stay safe and healthy we will try our best to help us all stay above the madness.

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