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Wiredlifesolutions.com was born out of the urgent need for information about computer use-induced health conditions that arose from her own life-threatening experience conventional medical science could neither diagnose nor treat. Her experience and healing helped her to understand others around her and she has come alongside many and helped them to come to healing.

The help she has given to many she believes should be made available to all to give whosoever wants to receive healing to get it. The sad part is that the very neurotransmitter that enables humans to make the decision to do what is best concerning themselves health-wise is the same set of neurotransmitters heavily used up in computer us leading to procrastinations about what works.

Why? Because the human mind finds it difficult to accept the truth that is different from its preconceived ideas. We listen to the loudest voice in our thoughts. We become bound to our thoughts even when we can see they are not true.

This means our desire for convenience is actually controlled by our thoughts and perception separate from the truth of our situation or environment. Consequently suffering is not enough to make us choose to do that which is right. The truth must be presented to us over and over again from various angles before we are able to take the decision to give it a try

This means we gradually build back enough of the depleted neurotransmitters over time as we concentrate on the concept till we reach a level that enables us to take the decision we need to for our lives. It is a very scary global epidemic that has led to global total financial ruin from avoidable health issues, misdiagnosis, and wrong preconceived solutions.

Watch the video below. Please note there is no audio. This is to avoid distractions while you read to yourself because of the importance of the subject at hand. Below the video are the links referenced in the video for your convenience

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