About the Wired Life

The Wired Life:

The wired life is the continual daily involvement in activities that create an exposure to artificially generated electrical wiring. This wiring is outside of our natural coding as human computers. It is actually a way of delegating some of our natural activities of daily living to machines we control in order to free up time for other activities. It is an artificial environment not naturally coded to the human experience. It is therefore stressful to our being. That is why it can lead to a cycle of depression and other ailments. our modern day medical science can neither diagnose nor treat. Read my story at our sister website foodsthathealdaily.com.

Mental Health:

Having Mental health problems is one of the casualties of the wired life. Some of the areas affected are bodily systems imbalances. These imbalances include neurotransmitter, environmental and hormonal imbalances. These imbalances result in issues such as depression. Other serious mental health issues include schizophrenia, manic behavior, anxiety, insomnia, comprehension and so on

Other Health Considerations:

There are also organ issues such as heart, cancer, fibroids, digestive and respiratory issues. There are auto immune issues too as well as arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues. Diabetes is a common issue from sedentary nature of computer use and diet consequences. Finally there are myriads of issues we find difficult to verbalize. These issues get routinely misdiagnosed

Computers are here to stay until our maker rescues us from what we have unleashed upon ourselves. It is however not a hopeless situation.

Wired Life Health Solutions:

This website Provides resources such as Books, Articles, Blogs, Webinars , Programs and so on. It also serves as a membership website complement to the following websites and blogs: 
1. http://www.foodsthathealdaily.com/
., http://healthsolutionsforthewiredlife.com/
3. http://www.jointheirspublishing.com/
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This website will provide information to enable all computer users understand the effects of computer use on their health. We will provide information about the solutions that our maker has put in nature. These solutions are provided to lead us out of the wilderness. They lead us of the pain and turmoil we unleash upon ourselves.

The Hope:

It is possible to minimize the health effects of computer use. Depression does not have to be a life sentence. The first step is to acknowledge that computer use hurts. That is because it is not an activity we are naturally coded with.

It is more or less the outsourcing of human activity to the lifeless computer to perform. Sometimes the output is a negative consequence but we never allow ourselves to acknowledge this.

We have only one life:

When it comes to our health, we have only one life and there is no life replacement surgery. Consequently we must take our computer use activity seriously.

We must learn the preventative measures that we must have in place to minimize the harmful effect. We must learn the limitations we must impose upon ourselves. That is because the computer cannot put a check on our activity only we can.

When using the computer we must learn to control both the computer and ourselves simultaneously to be in control.

The virtual world:

With computer use, assuming things and not taking the reality into consideration is not an option. We should not always do what we can do but what will result in the least negative health consequences.

Our love for make belief may not be compatible with our computer use. This is especially true if we intend to use it without self destroying.

Our intention is to provide resources and information to help people make the best decisions when using the computer.

Our offer:

Mental health is a very difficult subject to face, acknowledge or accept. because of this difficulty, we have developed some tools to assist those we personally help.
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Now we want to make those tools available to everyone. We now have recordings of a life changing 8 part webinar series that took place over a period of 3 months live. You can get the same help and tools going at your own pace ,The webinars come complete with the same tools provided to webinar attendees. My books are available at amazon.com in print or eBook (kindle) . They are also available for most eBook readers including apple, nook, kobo, smashwords.com to name a few. On this website we provide kindle access.

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These tools will help you overcome hindrances. These hindrances prevent people from turning their lives around. People are prevented even when they have the information they need to do so.

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