Allergies and Asthma

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Many computer users who were not allergy or asthma sufferers before becoming computer users suddenly find themselves sneezing all the time when they become computer users. They are however usually treated and medicated like other allergy or asthma sufferers and while the symptoms of other sufferers seem to improve and reduce in severity with age. Computer use-based allergy and asthma mimicking symptoms do not reduce or improve with age. They only get better with homeopathy, food, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Other steps that may help include learning how to balance your environment. Seminar 5 provides comprehensive education on this subject.

Respiratory issues are generally environmental. They reveal the inability of the immune system to cope with something in the environment.

In the case of computer use operating computers produce a lot of carbon dioxide thereby reducing the level of oxygen available in the immediate environment. Further operating computers produce a lot of positive ions contrary to outside air where negative ions are many times the volume of positive ones.

As can be sent the computer use environment is automatically imbalanced unless the computer user takes steps to balance it.

Ways to balance your environment and reduce allergy and asthma-like symptoms

  1. Have living green plants around. The produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide
  2. Locate your computer near the window and keep the blinds up allowing sunlight in. Your heart will automatically direct your brain to produce more inhibitory neurotransmitter which enable us cope with life’s situation, boost our immune systems and so on
  3. Crack open the window allowing fresh air in to balance your computer use environment
  4. Reduce clutter around you so your body does not use up resources trying to analyze your environment

Try these simple things and you will be amazed at the difference especially if you couple this with an immune boozing diet. – Refer to Seminar 3 – The right diet for the computer user. Also, refer to the page –Food.

There are several exercises that are good for improving oxygen uptake. One particularly useful one is what I call the tip of the fingers top of the head to soles of the feet nerve tap. Starting from the top of your head using the tip of your fingers (not your nails),

Tap every part of your body from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. This will improve circulation and oxygen access to your nerves and the whole of your body. You will be stronger and invigorated and over time your various pains and aches will recede,

Press-ups are very good for exercising the lungs and heart muscles and reducing symptoms of allergy. Get more information by watching the various seminars in the seminar series. Also, read allergies, Asthmas and Computer use available in shop and in print and eBook format. You can access kindle through this website.

This issue is particularly worrisome for cashiers because they work with their faces very close to computer based cash registers.