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The computer user’s autoimmune system is what enables us to perform the act of computer use without collapsing immediately as a result of the consequent immediate exposure to a highly toxic environment.

Autoimmunity means automatic immunity i.e. protection automatically triggered by the body within itself to self-protect when a strange or unknown or unrecognized software or hardware in the form of liquids, solids, nutrients or air, or gaseous element comes into the body’s internal or external (skin) coded computer system. It is in essence the body’s internal army.

There are natural enemies such as bacteria it is coded to handle. The reason why manmade lab synthesized enemies such as viruses, GMOs, and other lab-generated chemicals and foods are not recognized is that these manmade objects are incomplete because our experimentations and coding only affect the physical part that can be seen. However, everything in nature has a spirit and a soul. These levels are much stronger than the physical and more real. The physical is like a mirage just the visible part of the object.

Everything we do in the lab starts with something in nature i.e. perfection which we then pretend to improve upon but instead destroy by adding to it or removing from it using natural life-giving processes such as osmosis. Instead of achieving a result of life as we seek, we end up with death and destruction as end products. We then unleash this upon ourselves expecting the system to convert these death-producing products into life foolishly trying to gain control over life itself.

Invariably what we come up with cannot flow with nature as the soul and spirit which we do not and can never have access to are now incomplete making whatever we come up with unable to carry out anything but destruction of the physical since it does not have the soul and spiritual life to sustain it.

The reason we are able to carry out these experimentations trying to copy nature is because estrogen the biochemical that causes the multiplication of cells has many natural chemicals that are naturally coded to trigger its cell multiplying properties. These chemicals are tapped into to for example develop synthetic growth hormones. When these chemicals are added to the experimentation mix, they multiply giving an estrogen-like effect. But since it is not real estrogen the natural controls are not in place, it is not compatible with nature resulting in the uncontrollable multiplication of cells in the body.

When our immune system finds these strange enemies in the system, it tries to break them down as usual but this does not work as everything in nature is coded. Consequently, these objects are not recognized and the auto-removal path does not kick in. Instead, the body calls on its reserves and upper-level defense which is normally reserved for certain jobs, and once this is used up the system pushes whatever of the intruder is left back into the bloodstream from where it gets lodged in different organs and parts of the body the liver and kidney being unable to remove them as they are not recognized as waste.

This is why most of our ailments come from the foods we eat that cannot be processed by the body as they do not possess naturally occurring chemicals in the environment in a version expected and are therefore not recognized by the body.

We also introduce things into our bodies through the water we drink into the body’s purification system and into the body’s water transmission system.

Greed and solutions/advancement are mutually exclusive. Anything produced out of greed will never be a solution as it is brought out of the darkness.

Consequently, what we define as advancement is not advancement but ignorance, destruction, and backwardness as the natural is the ultimate and the most advanced. Nothing humans can come up with can be anything close.

We just produce junk to destroy ourselves. GMO foods, fabrics such as nylon, and polyester, construction materials such as sheetrock, etc. What do they all have in common? You guessed right: All these objects cause cancer and other life-destroying ailments, This is not advancement and not earth problem-solving. It is truly only destruction

Humans have however collectively agreed that it should be falsely classified as advancement and solution for economic reasons to get funding from governments and benevolent companies and individuals.

We have placed financial gains above the preservation of human lives though we profess to be saving lives. This is classifying murder and annihilation as salvation and preservation of life i.e. classifying darkness and deep darkness as light.

Fortunately, the human definition has no consequence and the code of existence only operates according to the coding and definition of our Maker also, fortunately, all the databases in nature only record things according to the definition of our maker.

What does this all mean? It means the only thing we have control over is our choices the consequences of each choice are according to what is pre-coded by our Maker who coded it all before there was existence.

The autoimmune system is powered by resources within the body – fuel from food and water, the air we breathe, and direct light energy sourced from natural light sources as well as natural resources from the soul and spirit within us.

Failure of the autoimmune system to work as designed is mostly due to a lack of resources from food which is why the only solution to any autoimmune issue is food therapy. This therapy must avoid chemicals and other strange objects we talked about. Everything ingested must be natural. The best kind of water for a sufferer is distilled water which because it does not have a whole load of additional minerals and chemicals is able to effectively bind unwanted materials to itself and clean out the kidneys and liver.

The food therapy must be combined with exercise especially long walks outside and repositioning of the computer to the window area to provide access to sunlight when using the computer to avoid depletions of inhibitory neurotransmitters we must receive from natural light sources. It is also wise to crack open the window to allow fresh air in especially in winter when the heater compromises indoor air.

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