Cancers & Fibroids

black person showing letterboard with world cancer day inscription

Cancers and Fibroids are a fear for all computer users due to the high level of toxicity and Estrogen dominance computer users are exposed to.

Combine that with high iron usage as a result of dealing with light and the dangers of dehydration, you have the perfect storm for cancers and fibroids in computer use.

It has actually been said that there is a higher occurrence of cancers in computer-dependent workers such as programmers and particularly in women than in the general population. The best solutions are those that are preventative. The preventative solutions are the same as the healing solutions.

This means that the activities that will be outlined in the articles provided on this page should be done now rather than later.

It is better to eat these foods and carry out these exercises and make these lifestyle changes before the fact so we avoid the issues in the first place. Let us start.

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Foods and Diets