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What is the connection between cancer and computer use? The answer is toxicity. Let me explain. The computer use environment is highly toxic which can subject humans to malfunctioning of organ and tissue cells. Operating computer create light pollution. They also result in environmental pollution. All this can lead to the formation of cancer cells. Read on to learn how

The human is a natural computer much like the one you are using right now only natural in connectivity and operation. It operates on an automatic system that begins to function upon conception and once it becomes a fetus it moves to a new stage of development as coded to produce organ and tissue forming cells. This activity is automatically guided by the code of operation placed in the earth’s system by our maker that enabled the production of the first human.

The earth was unable to automatically bring forth the human of itself it needed the help of our maker to mold the human and command the breath/wind of life to flow into him i.e. there was wireless connectivity with the source of life through the wind/air. That connectivity is passed through ionic oxygen which is encoded in air oxygen. This is the coded way of life operations on the earth. We must have oxygen encoded life to survive.

Because existence on earth is coded, it functions in a set pattern and any variation is pollution and toxic and can cause abnormal growth of cells which can multiply resulting in organ or tissue malfunction that can spread bodywide and cause death. This is what is called cancer. Cancers ares pollution effects and produce pollution syptoms.

Toxicity from computer light exposure can therefore result in cancer as cancer is abnormal growth Anything, therefore, that affects the automated system of cell multiplication based on the need for growth and cell repair and maintenance is a recipe for uncontrolled cell multiplication bypassing and overwhelming the natural automatic process.

This is why genetically modified foods GMO for example can lead to cancer as the automated process of growth is disrupted by the modification. That is because like anything else coded, it is only the programmer or someone with programming capability that can correctly modify a coded system without harming it.

Since the code of nature is the spoken word of our maker into the systems of the earth only He is able to make changes. The experimentation we do is not authorized and therefore cannot change anything it only pollutes resulting in toxicity and destruction. To learn more about the effect of human experimentation read this blog and get this seminar recording.

Let me explain this pollution effect or pollution symptoms further, estrogen production is what is responsible for cell multiplication. Estrogen is a neurotransmitter i.e. a biochemical. Progesterone controls the production of estrogen to form objects. These are all automated activities triggered by natural processes in the system of nature. The light that comes off the computer screen has an estrogen-mimicking property which is what enables it to be produced. This not being naturally generated is a pollutant and toxic.

It can easily throw off the body’s own natural estrogen:; progesterone balance especially in women resulting in abnormal multiplication of cells and cancer or fibroids. These are pollution effects and pollution symptions.Fibroids are abnormal multiplication that results in abnormal growth. If these cells now change and become abnormal it could result in cancer. If they remain normal cells but multiply more rapidly than is required for normal operations due to excessive estrogen production or presence we call that fibroid. They do not lead to death as long as they do not become abnormal but may result in unbearable pain discomfort that prevents normal life activities. You can call fibroids pollution effects or pollution symptoms.

Things like GMO are not part of the automated system and are achieved through osmosis ie. you put the seed in water or some other fluid to which you add something that has the property you want in the new seed. The new seed is now laden with the property which is now passed on to the food that grows from it. We keep on changing what we add until we get a seed that seems to have the property we want to be absorbed in it then we use that as a template to produce as much of the new variety as we want.

Since this is not the natural system coded into the seed, it is like a virus or spyware or malware sure to create havoc as the human body is not coded to use food laden with whatever we have poisoned it with. Because it is not a natural coding methodology, the process of production of estrogen which when the seed is placed in a water moist environment for planting does not produce the corresponding level of progesterone. Excess estrogen must be produced to enable the seed to grow in spite of the strange things added to develop this GMO. The normal estrogen: progesterone activity must take place and then excessive estrogen must be developed to enable the seed to grow with the experimentally added properties resulting in the development of cancer symptoms in people who eat them. If these symptoms overwhelm the body then a diagnosis of cancer is made. Listen to these life-changing seminars to avoid becoming a victim

Here is therefore the link between experimentation and cancer. Consequently, Excessive production of estrogen is the leading causative factor for cancer symptoms. Resulting in abnormal cell growth i.e. over multiplication of cells more than is required for normal growth and maintenance and repair. When the body is unable to reverse or accommodate it results in abnormal cell formation that destroys the internal organ or tissue systems of the body where they crowd out normal cells making normal bodily function impossible