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5 reasons why everyone should have an eye exam

This blog will shed light on why computer vision syndrome is so important. Most computer users over time begin to feel the effect of the fact that pixels the way words are presented on the computer screen are not the same as printed text. Many however force themselves to go on without an eye exam not fully understanding that they should really have their eyes checked. Here are five reasons why having an annual eye exam should be something every computer user does.

1) Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is the term used to describe the composite of eye-related issues arising from computer use. Since we are all computer users we are all affected in one way or another whether we know it or not or want to acknowledge it or not. If your computer use is giving you headaches or eye pain or blurry vision etc. you are suffering from CVS and need an eye exam. The eye exam will reveal the extent of the damage and whether computer glasses are required which is usually the case for long-term users.

In addition, I learned the hard way that regular eyeglasses are not adequate for computer use or to handle computer vision syndrome effects. So if you currently wear eyeglasses you may still suffer unless you get computer glasses that are specially treated to handle the unique challenges posed to the eyes by computer use.

2) The forced focusing and refocusing of the eyes involved in computer use weakens the eye muscles which leads to poor eyesight that could lead to a consequent drop in productivity and the occurrence of mistakes leading to poor job quality. Some mistakes could cost you your job. This is the costly financial consequence of computer vision syndrome. It is therefore a wise idea to get the eyeglasses rather than trying to manage. Wearing computer glasses for computer use will not necessarily lead to the need to wear eyeglasses all the time. In my case, I only need to wear eyeglasses to read off the computer screen my normal eyesight is perfect but things get blurry when it comes to the computer due to the difference between pixels and printed words. It may be the case for you too, so do not put off the exam because you can read books and see very well normally.

3) Both adults and children are subject to computer vision syndrome. Where children are concerned, learning ability and grades may become affected by a child’s inability to see well on the computer resulting in stress that could manifest itself in the way of behavioral issues and poor grades. The stress of trying to focus is very stressful and could result in headaches and other discomforts.

4) Companies may one day consider requiring eye exams for their staff as part of the standard employee code of conduct to reduce the financial consequences of errors arising from computer vision sysndrome experienced by employess on corporate bottom lines.. Reduced Productivity and the effect of costly mistakes due to the inability to correctly read the information on the computer screen can have a devastating effect on the company’s bottom line.

5) An eye exam could reveal if your computer use has resulted in Light sensitivity, a computer-related health issue that goes beyond just the eyes. It is a nerve issue that could lead to complications that resemble panic attacks and other issues that do not resolve with medication and which are not well understood by the medical profession. Annual eye exams can reveal this issue at an early stage, which can prevent life-threatening complications from developing. If you have static coming off your fingers and hands even when you touch plastic or other surfaces that do not normally conduct electricity you may be suffering from this issue. The subject of light sensitivity is broad and complicated and cannot be tackled in a paragraph.

If you feel you are suffering from this issue and want to know more about why computer use hurts humans and what you can do to minimize the effects, I will refer you to my book – lessons I learned the hard way and a second – one computer-related health conditions available on this website and amazon.com in both print and ebook versions for you and your doctor or any other literature you can get your hands on that deals with this issue. I do not know of any apart from the two books I have mentioned but I could be wrong. You need to do your research and get information from as many sources as you can because light sensitivity can cost you your career and possibly your life if you do not manage it and get it under control.

The American Optometrist Association has a lot of statistics and information on their website www.aoa.org about CVS and the percentage of the population that is suffering from it as well as its effect on children and adults. They have carried out a lot of research on the lack of awareness and the possible willful ignorance of us all with regards to the need for eye exams. If you need information about getting a good optometrist, you will also find that information at their site. If you need more information or are interested in learning more about CVS or light sensitivity the following resources are available on this website. I recommend getting the seminar first for fast access to information. Then follow it up with the book


2. You can get my book – Eyes, Vision and Computer Use: How You Can Protect Yourself From Technology Use Induced Harm in shop or kindle on this website or at amazon.com. The book is also available in most other ebook reader versions such as apple, nook, kobo, smashword.com, and so on

I will advise that the issue of annual eye exams be taken very seriously by any computer user interested in keeping his or her job. If you find yourself making mistakes at work it may be because what you think you are seeing on the computer screen is not really what is being presented but what you think it should be. It is better to have the discomfort of wearing eyeglasses than to lose your job.

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