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Computer word games are nothing new. They are crossword puzzles accessed and played through computers instead of paper.

Crossword puzzles have been around for a long time and have helped so many of us both as children learning how to spell and as adults wanting to maintain our spelling skills. It has been especially useful for aging people helping to keep them sharp and boosting their brain function and their ability to think logically.

Crossword puzzles are a good way to calm the nerves much like knitting and crocheting.

These are what we have all known as the huge benefits of crossword puzzles and why we all love them and still buy puzzle books.  These benefits work well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors yield the best benefit as the benefit of our hearts stimulating our brains to produce additional inhibitory neurotransmitters that handle the learning functions. These neurotransmitters also help us sit patiently reducing our propensity for impatience, worry, and other harmful emotions just as it happens with hobbies like knitting and crocheting.

This works well because we are coded to read with natural light.

Because most construction materials are harmful and toxic and are made fully or partially from hydrocarbon derivatives they do not allow adequate natural balancing of indoor air, we feel better outside in naturally balanced air. To learn more about the various levels of environments access seminar 2 – Know your environment HERE or by clicking on the tab SeminarSeries from the Menu bar and selecting seminar 2. It is not free but if you are a member you automatically get a discount. If you are not a member you get a 1-month free membership and that entitles you to a discount.

There are several word games available online such as Wordle that try to give the same benefits and are consequently advertised as brain exercises.

These are well-intentioned efforts that may temporarily work to provide a feeling of well-being but can quickly descend into addiction, anxiety, and/or panic attacks, and heart palpitations.

There could also be several emotional challenges such as loss of empathy and disconnect with reality and being sucked into a virtual imagination trip that dulls the reality of whatever emotional issues one may be facing but replaces it with vindictive or thoughts of violence or harm or disconnection from the actual reality of the situation.

This can lead to self-pity and depression that may not be overcome with medication or therapy.

Some may feel emotional pain that may feel very real. All these emotional issues are the body’s way of telling us that participation in the game is becoming excessive. It is however not a warning easily heard by the sufferer who may have convinced themselves they only feel engaged, happy, energized and alert, and alive when playing this computer game.

Invariably one can inadvertently begin to neglect other aspects of life just to be in a position to play the game continually. One may find oneself still playing the game in the mind when away from the computer and doing other things leading to a lack of attention and mistakes which can be costly. Instead of concentrating on the task at hand, one is distracted by thoughts of some puzzle or word and constantly looking for how to use the latest word learned or how to be better at the game so much so it can become all-consuming

Why do all these issues come up you may ask? That is because of the various depletions of resources the heart normally stimulates the brain to produce when we read with natural light which is what we are coded with for reading, vision, and revelation of things around us.

These resources keep us emotionally balanced. They calm the mind and keep things in perspective i.e. enable us to build emotional balance and keep us calm.

That is why if we are overcharged with excitement and stress the best destresser is a long walk outside in the sun. You will have a better understanding of the situation and be a lot calmer after the walk.

The depletions also leave gamers prone to developing hyperactivity, racing heartbeats, and panic attacks, finding it difficult to calm down even when no longer on the computer.

The problem with all this is that one can easily be diagnosed with all sorts of mental issues and medicated for something that does not need medication. Medication will actually worsen the situation as it is impossible to increase neurotransmitter production with medication. All that will be achieved is the redistribution of existing levels.  This will lead to new problems as other areas suffer neurotransmitter shortfalls. These are some of what is normally identified as side effects on drug labels.

To understand this better please access seminar 1 a free seminar from our seminar series. It is available to all for free please listen to it HERE. You can also access it through the tab “Seminar Series” on the menu bar.

As we may have come to realize, these depletions mean that we consequently are producing more excitatory neurotransmitters, and are not adequately controlled leaving us with addictions and all the other emotional issues described above.

Locating the computer near a source of natural light such as a window and allowing fresh air in by cracking open the window and investing in indoor plants as well as drinking water may help to reduce the negative effects at least in the short term.

Achieving moderation is the only sure way to reduce these effects.

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