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There are many consequences of Global warming and Climate change here are a few we can immediately see around us that answer the question “is global warming real”. They also not only confirm the effects of climate change but also the impact of climate change.

  • Economic devastation from flash flooding in unexpected places that were never regarded as flood zones and therefore are unprepared for handling the unusually large deluge of water.
  • Unexpected Drought has resulted in poor harvest forcing farmers to destroy their crops and sell off their livestock. An event deemed unlikely a short while ago and for which they are therefore unprepared.
  • Some countries now have a large of their land submerged in water with no way of knowing when things will change thereby displacing many people unexpectedly and overwhelming national coping capabilities
  • Lakes and  Rivers that are the main life wire of many areas of the USA and Europe e.g. Danube river, Lake Mede, and so on are drying up with dire consequences for water, food, and energy now and into the future.
  • The result of the foregoing is shrinking food sources and consequently higher prices with shrinking economic resources for purchasing them
  • Some parts of the world that have so far been habitable deserts seem to be getting so hot they may become inhabitable deserts. There are reports of areas of the Middle East getting to this point.
  • The unprecedented level of ice melting in Greenland and other areas in and around the Artic and Antarctica pose serious dangers for coastal lands worldwide. The joy of being able to mine for rare minerals may soon turn into the sorrow of a wipeout and nonexistence for some lands displacing so many people and creating unprecedented economic hardship that no revenue from mining can solve.
  • Heat waves are breaking energy grids at a time of low global financial capacity. In the short run, it seems nations are somehow managing to cope. In the long term, there is no way to financially cope. Deficit financing has already plunged everyone unto unsustainable inflations.
  • Sickness and disease from overheating of the body, food contamination from lack of energy for properly preserving food from water contamination, dehydration due to water rationing, and droughts. To stem an agricultural collapse some may begin to take cultivation and breeding shortcuts. These shortcuts will result in incomplete foods which when eaten will result in sickness and diseases as the foods we eat are natural computer systems just as we are. Their growth systems are all coded and cast in stone just as the human growth system is cast in stone. Our body’s nutritional requirements will not change nor will the nutritional requirements of the plants and animals we depend on for food and sustenance…
  • Developmental challenges in children due to lack of adequate natural cultivation practices. Any shortcut we take in the plant and herd /chicken growing cycle to make up for water or feed shortage will show up in the bodies of the people who consume such foods.
  • We currently have global financial poverty and there are no real rich nations as everyone is running on deficit financing based on borrowed money from thin air. We are all spending nonexistent money so some can classify themselves as millionaires and billionaires. The current trajectory is leading us to a place where there are no millionaires or billionaires just a level playing field of abject poverty for everyone. There is an actual possibility of a global financial meltdown resulting in the global default of nations resulting in global financial poverty that even money cannot be engineered or conjured out of thin air.

In spite of these and the myriads of other consequences seen and unseen, humans seem unable to change their ways. 90% of the problem of global warming and climate change is caused by space adventurism and is a warning from the sun and moon who control the climate and the atmospheric temperature to humans to cease and desist. Please read our latest blogs on climate change HERE and on Global warming HERE ..

Humans seem bent on self-annihilation and are bent on taking everyone else with them. No one is slowing on space adventurism; nations are actually doubling down, ordering more spacecraft to be built by private enterprises to supplement government programs. No one is serious about climate change solutions as we are insisting on continuing and accelerating the cause of over 90% of the problem.

Newer telescopes, spacecraft, and satellites are being built in the hope of reviving economies with sell annihilating activities. After annihilation, who will operate all these things? Humans seem far gone in their self-delusion that they can win a war with the sun, moon, and stars even though our user manual for dwelling here on the earth says it is a lost cause.

Everyone has watched too many star Wars and animated movies and shows that they now take that as reality and not the actual reality around them. Hollywood has enforced constant bombardment reinforcing the lying thoughts brought to humans by angels who need humans to misbehave in order to have work to do as the execution of judgment by violence, wars, disease, and so on is their function.

Humans forget they are only a part of the system with no access to the code of existence or ability to change anything or force acceptance by the earth of anything they have ever or can ever come up with. We have a Maker and Owner who is the righteous judge who judges between the various parts of the system who cannot be fooled and who already coded every conceivable diction thrall the members of the system of nature can make and established the consequences and corrective measures required to ensure the integrity of the system of nature. The code is running. We make our choices and the consequences are triggered into action.

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One cannot blame the earth or its heavens of the sun, moon, and stars for responding to humans with global warming and climate change as a deterrent to human madness.

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