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COVID 19 Solutions

In order to understand COVID 19 and why it hurts and why computer users already exposed to the highest levels of toxicity have to take it seriously we must understand its source. To do that, we need to understand the following – Bacteria, Parasites, and Viruses in general and their relationships to each other. This will help us understand how COVID 19 came to be. This is not to help us to blame or finger point.

The virus is here and Western civilization is built on a deliberate culture of humans killing humans through experimentation in a bid to prove knowledge and satisfy an insatiable appetite for dominance over others. This strategy is self-defeating and essentially building a global economy on murder. This is not a sustainable economic model but that is where the world is now.

I will be using layman’s word to ensure everyone can understand even if we are not scientists.

Bacteria, parasites, and viruses


Bacteria are some of the smallest known living organisms. We all studied this organism in biology class in school. They have a very important function in the earthly ecosystem, helping to sustain life on the earth. They are naturally occurring and have a function in helping to eliminate harmful organisms. Certain bacteria assist in getting rid of others when they show up in places they should not show up.

In fact, without the bacteria colony in our digestive systems, we cannot easily break down food. Consequently, a particular bacteria is good if it is in the environment in which it is adding value by breaking down objects to enhance the performance of the environment it is in. If it becomes too many in that environment it will overwhelm the system. If it is in an area where it is causing a breakdown or malfunction of the environment then it is a bad bacterium for that environment.

Consequently what is bad for one environment may be bad for a different environment. It means the bacterium has to be in the right place to be good.

For example, bacteria that help to break down spoiled food to recycle them into the soul is good in compost but not good in the human body which is why we do not eat rotten food.


Parasites are organisms that survive by feeding off other organisms i.e. they live in others that have similar body cell functioning resources needs and eat up their resources. For example, the malaria parasite is secreted by the mosquito during mosquito bites.  

Mosquitos get this parasite from biting animals that have these parasites thereby transferring them to humans or by biting infected humans. When mosquitoes bite they suck the blood of the animal or human they bite and with that suck the parasites which they then transfer from blood to blood.

Consequently, the malaria parasite has been used in the development of many sicknesses and diseases. as they can be hosted in many animals including bats and other birds, frogs, cattle horses, and so on. They do not hurt these animals but when transferred from them to humans, humans get hosts.

Humans are not good hosts for the malaria parasite The malaria parasite attacks the immune system and organs especially the lungs as well as the endocrine system which is what makes malaria dangerous. Apart from microorganisms like the malaria parasite, there are worms and other kinds of parasites that are also mainly transferred from eating contaminated fruits, vegetables, and meat. That is why partially cooked foods are dangerous and why hospitals mainly served cooked food including vegetables to avoid contamination. Cooking kills parasites and bacteria.

Parasites have bacteria that they pass on to the infected host. Consequently, the malaria parasite passes on bacteria to humans not normally supposed to be in humans.

Mosquitos and other animals though hosts of malaria parasites are not affected by them, they produce natural defensive mechanisms such as other bacteria not occurring in humans and are only a vehicle for transferring these parasites to humans.

Since the malaria parasite and its bacteria is not transmitted by food consumption but by blood-sucking, it is not possible to destroy it by cooking.

Cooking meats including fish and vegetables very well before consuming is the safe way to go to avoid worm bacteria as they come from contaminated foods.


Viruses are derived by planting protein not normally found in the bacteria of the malaria parasite by adulterating the real one or just developing one in the lab. The protein is injected into the bacteria, which is then injected into the malaria parasite which is then hosted in mosquitos, bats and so on.

The evidence of this is the fact that though bacteria and parasites serve useful purposes when in the right environment in nature just like everything else in nature, viruses serve no useful purposes at all. They are toxic as they are not naturally occurring but introduced into nature by human intervention.

Why do humans do this – As we said for economic reasons? The process of developing viruses is big business. All the inputs must be produced and people have to work in the laboratory to put everything together. Then vaccines and drugs have to be developed to counter them and the list goes on and on.

Since viruses threaten lives, it is easy to get governments to borrow i.e. create deficit financing without getting everyone in an uproar. People just want to be well. This is what we have called prosperity. It is actually poverty as the deficit has never been paid back only increased. In fact, we borrow just to pay the interest.

Secondly, it serves as biological warfare never mind that it is biological warfare where the same people doing the fighting are the people dying.

Even if the experimentation is transferred to other countries for implementation as has been done over the last 150 years using African countries in the name of economic development many times in stealth without those people knowing, it will always come back to the home country/(ies). Viruses that have been derived this way include smallpox, measles, dengue, Nile disease, SARS, Ebola, COVID 2, COVID 19, and so on.

To assist with this endeavor we have developed mosquito factories that grow millions of mosquitoes in various countries especially here in the USA, China, and European countries so we have an abundance of resources to use. We even have GMO mosquitoes. We pretend to be looking for ways of curing diseases. However, the evidence of what we are really doing is in what we produce. Smallpox, Measles, Ebola, Bird flu, COVID 19 are not cures for any sicknesses or diseases.

This is just the reality of the economic development we have been enjoying. It is blood money and there is no end in sight as we develop all kinds of variants in a bid to develop perfect vaccines.

This is one of the reasons things are so bad in the world – the blood of the innocent sacrificed.

There are herbs and foods in nature that can cure malaria and any virus by building up our immune system. I will share some with us to help those suffering from COVID 19 and from long haul COVID 19. These give us natural immunity i.e. there is a natural vaccine but no one wants to hear about this as these herbs and foods are only available in tropical countries especially in Africa which means they would automatically dominate medicine, science, and technology again as it was during the Benin empire.

The thing to consider is that then even though they dominated, the wealth trickled down as medicine, science, and technology were a value-added to the earth and not a source of destruction.

To learn more about what happened and why order seminar 8 – The world of make-belief from the seminar series and watch out for some new courses that will be coming out soon.

I will be developing these courses to provide a way for humans to understand that we are only here to take care of the earth. That we are only showing up on the monitor of the earth. The earth’s system is our maker’s computer and the code is written in the very system of the earth itself.

Just as whatever is showing up on the monitor of the computer you are working on right now has no way of affecting the system so no human has a way of reaching the code of the earth’s system, seeing it, or affecting it. The only ones being hurt are fellow humans.

It is impossible for the earth to yield to a system of global murder in the name of science. Science is the understanding of the system of nature which only our maker can reveal and learn to humble ourselves to flow in line to the limited function we have of taking care of it.

Now we are destroying it not taking care of it. The manual given to us by our maker tells us the earth can reject humans as we are here at its pleasure. We cannot reject the earth.

We complain about global warming and do not want to address the real cause which is our space adventure that is polluting the pristine buffer of space that is there to ensure the environment on earth is okay. When we poison it, we cook it and the result is global warming. Emissions and the things we are focusing on will not solve the problem. Space is not for us to venture into. It is there for the convenience of the earth just as we are.

To understand the issue of global warming order seminar 4 –balance your environment in addition to seminar 8.


Now we understand how viruses came to be both in terms of science and the economies of greed, let us look specifically at COVID 19.

COVID 19 virus introduces malaria parasites and its bacteria plus new proteins not normally found in the body and which are consequently toxic. These proteins have no life on their own but derive their existence from the malaria parasites and bacteria. As. with any other virus a host has to be found for transmission which is why the experimenting with bats was done.COVID being respiratory is also a derivative of the common cold.

Now that we have COVID 19 the flu season has disappeared. That is evidence of the fact that the flu seasons were engineered by human intervention. Each year a more serious variant was introduced so there would be a need to do more work on vaccines. New ways were also experimented upon to look for a way effective way of transmission.

Now we have COVID 19 we have had to divert resources from everything else which is a blessing in some ways.

COVID 19 is a virus i.e. engineered and introduced by humans to create an economic opportunity for the countries involved in its development.

However this time the earth seems to have had enough of human experimentation and is trying to throw the people out as we are not only doing this, we are also warming everything up and burning up the ecosystem which also must be protected. Everything in nature has a choice and humans are the only ones in the destruction mode and so the ones needed to be cleared out.

The ones supposed to monitor things and keep everything under control are now the problem to everyone and themselves.

If we want to revive the economy through vaccines, it will not work as it has never worked We have only justified more deficit financing and consequently everyone including billionaires are all poor as the basis of wealth is deficit financing i.e. poverty since the borrowing has never been paid. In fact, no penny has been paid. We borrow more just to pay the interest.

COVID is different in that it is global. The countries who developed it had all hoped to escape unscathed but the earth had other ideas and has blown the whole thing open’

This is a blessing if we allow it to bring us to course correction and we turn away from murder-based economic ventures trying to establish an order not approved by the maker and which is contrary to the code of the operations of the world.

Now governments may be going haywire but just as in the days of Noah, a way is always provided for individuals to escape.

I will share some of what we need to do to avoid and treat COVID as individuals.

Avoidance strategies

  • Boost your immune system. COVID affects the immune systems we have said. When you have malaria that is what happens. COVID is like advanced malaria i.e. malaria plus. That is because the root design is malaria. That is why the antibodies treatment works using the antibodies developed by sufferers that were developed by their immune system to fight the virus as a treatment for sufferers.

Please go to Foods and diets and also order seminar 3 The best diet for the computer user is to learn more about the foods we can find around us that can help to boost our immune system.

Remember to eat organic and as fresh as possible. Grow your vegetables or go to the nearest farmers market.

Avoid organic fish as the sea or river is the only natural environment for fish and other seafood. Since it is not in its natural environment organic fish is not authentic. Consequently, buy only wild-caught and pray for humans to stop polluting the sea with plastic and harmful drugs.

When it comes to the rivers all are polluted with antibiotics and other chemicals resulting in all sorts of hermaphrodite fish showing up everywhere as a result of excessive estrogen

Eat only grass-fed meats as cows, goats, and lamb can only digest grass as they are what they are coded with. Grains whether organic or not will not be fully broken down in their digestive systems resulting in harm to when we eat the flesh or drink the milk or ea the cheese. Only organ parts of conventional caws can be safely eaten. Go to Foods and diets for more information Grass-fed milk, yogurt and butter are all important for immune system functions.

  • Apart from foods, because our foods are seriously deficient in minerals and vitamins and micronutrients even when they are organic, you need to daily take Vitamin C (1000 iu), D (1000i.u), B Complex (50mg), Cod Liver Oil and spirulina 9if you can find it). Please note that the quality of these vitamins is also very important.

I have found that at least for Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D and Vitamin C Trader Joe’s is a good source. When it comes to Cod liver Oil, Spirulina, Moringa, and so on, Vitamin Shoppes I have found has the best deal. Shop around in-store and online

  • Exercise especially walking, stretching and what I describe as head to toe fingertip whole body massage are essential especially walking. Outside air automatically rebalances itself.  To learn more go to Exercise and Ergonomics and also order Seminar 6 – Water, exercise and ergonomics
  • Water is key. Please order seminar 6 to understand the issue of water more and also get hold of my book – Water Dehydration and computer use. If you have long COVID or just regular COVID switch to distilled water to assist your kidneys with its detoxification process. The book Lessons I Learned the Hard Way available on this website and at amazon is very comprehensive with regards to food, vitamin, and minerals and so on. Also remeber to wash your hands frequently with tap water using soap and wash your face every night to wash away all the accumulations during the day.
  • Salt. Please eat only natural salt i.e. salt that is not white. Any white salt has been bleached. Salt is never naturally white. These salts have a high sodium level. Salts like Himalayan or Celtic salt are packed with micronutrients and low in sodium. Eat that. Order the various seminars to learn more about how to use salt for dental and other purposes. Each seminar has some information as it related to the topic under discussion.
  • Keep socially distanced and mask up. Many do not want to hear this but simple easy solutions are the ones that work best in nature as nature itself is simple. Just follow the natural laws of keeping away from danger. It is better safe than sorry. If you have a medical situation then avoid crowded areas do not try to eat your cake and have it.

These are only some things you need to do for prevention. Please go to foods and diets for more comprehensive information.

COVID Treatment

If you already have COVID 19 or long haul COVID 19, please go to

COVID Treatment/Long Haul COVID

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