Dental Nutrition and Healing

When people are talking about their general bodily or mental health and their many issues, the last thing they think about is their teeth. Who links skin issues, digestive problems, organ cancer, or mental health to dental health in today’s world? Virtually no one.

A visit to the dentist, for example, does not involve any mention of mental health While a visit to the psychiatrist or psychologist or primary care doctor, or any other kind of healthcare provider does not link their mental health to their dental health.

One usually goes to the dentist for personal reasons may be routine cleaning and examination or due to pain in the mouth or lost or missing tooth.

Unbeknown to most people or maybe more accurately because we are not taught to mentally think of the body as 1 unit i.e. as one computer much as we think of the computer system we are working on right now, we fail to realize that the ailment we feel or see on or in one area or part is really rooted somewhere else.

Only cancer is sometimes treated this way as it may show up in more than one area at a time. And only when it does is a search for a root cause of that particular cancer researched.

This is however backward thinking. The correct way to think of the body is to think of it as a natural computer i.e. a coded system which means nothing happens in isolation and because it is coded, there has to be some healing path for everything starting from where the nutritional source that powers it gets into the body.

The obvious best practice for healthcare providers and dentists would be to always talk about dental nutrition on every visit as a preventive and/or curative measure.

The main entrance of nutritional resources into the mouth is the mouth. We put foods – solid and liquids including water into our mouths. That is how it naturally gets into the system. That is the naturally coded path.

It is usually only when we are unable to do this that we get food artificially dripped in through the blood vessels i.e. intravenous feeding or directly pumped in through our nostrils. These are not the natural coded paths and all come with dangers for the system because the mouth has been bypassed and the healing work that should have taken place bypassed with consequences for the outcome of these artificially induced pathways.

Because we do not look at the body as a computer that is naturally coded to operate as one unit for most of its processes we fail to quickly detect when things are going wrong and fail to act proactively to remedy situations. If we think of the body as one interrelated system where every part is affected by every other part in one way or the other even if not detectable by human research we would have better outcomes.

We would realize that this means when a problem is detected somewhere it is a broken code and the way to fix it is to fix it from the beginning of the process pathway which in many instances is the mouth as our foods are the main reason for many of our ailments making dental healing critical for any healing.

Our ignorance probably comes from the fact that each organ is treated in isolation and the medical profession has a backward way of looking at things.

Let us take a look at some of the processes.

Because the human body is a computer, it means it has a resident engineer that coordinates everything which is the heart. It has a central processing unit (CPU) which the heart as the engineer or controller uses to analyze and determine what to do based on the options available in the body’s database for analyzing events and taking corrective measures.

The heart and the brain both receive messages from every cell of the body individually as well as from organs and tissues on a macro level. This is a lot of information. The heart uses messages it receives from the various parts of the body directly as well as what it receives through the brain that operates several mini computers to analyze what is going on in the various parts of the body. This information collected by the brain is analyzed by the brain.

The heart uses the mind to sort through all the analysis based on experience which is recorded in the mind to determine which corrective option to take.

Consequently, global bodily analysis is done in three places to ensure correct decisions are taken.

Since all analyses are body-wide naturally, it means in order to get a correct diagnosis the medical doctor or dentist, etc. must also take a global analysis.

Because a care provider is not a part of the body but external, and the tools used are external, it stands to reason that what we call diagnosis is really guesswork

This is why the body and indeed everything in nature is designed to self-heal. The human bodily processes are mainly automated once we take the initial decision to put food in our mouths.

We have no control over how the food is processed and what it does in the body. It is all programmed in and everything goes as coded depending on the quality of what we put in our mouths and the body’s needs.

This means the processes that take place in the mouth are critical and determine how everything else works.

Consequently, when we notice that we have dental issues, it is not at the commencement of the problem but when the problem becomes something that is no longer manageable because we neglect to properly provide adequate natural care for the mouth. We tend to take for granted until something happens usually resulting in pain.

Pain is really the body’s last resort to draw our attention to a problem it has been coping with and unable to resolve automatically without some manual help.

The help needed can be in various forms. For example, help may be needed in terms of exercising muscles not routinely used when we grow older and reduce our movement by spending hours seated in front of the computer or TV contrary to our natural coded way of being.

It may be in the form of ingesting water. Rather than dripping water and other resources directly into the blood bypassing the mouth, for example, a better outcome would be achieved by dripping into the mouth using a spoon or dropper. This is more care intensive but the way the body was designed to receive nutrients and the better way to get a good outcome.

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