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General Note to Doctors: 

Nature is a gigantic natural computer system coded into being by our maker. It has many member hardware and software all connected to ensure smooth operation of its system. No part is independent of the other. Because of the complexity of its operations, it requires a lot of redundancy so that the trillions of operations running simultaneously do not run into destructive glitches as the various operations vie for limited operational resources and destroy them.

Like any other coded system, its mode of operation including repair is cast in stone as coded.

The human body is just one of the hardware parts of nature. Each cell is like billions of hardware operated by hundreds of millions of software. Because of its complexity and the precision requirements of its operation, it is designed to self-operate, upgrade or downgrade as required, self-repair and disposal of damaged or obsolete parts automatically while allowing for some limited operator choice operations (these include eating, exercise, toileting, external cleaning and hygiene, dental management hydration, breathing and so on.

These user operations are designed to enable the user to be responsible for smooth operations.

Everything needed for all these activities is available in nature in the way required by the body.

This complexity means that except as allowed by our maker/ programmer, trying to manipulate activities in order to achieve a perceived goal may be counterproductive.

Manipulating petroleum to develop plastics is an example of this interference. Small wonder it has a negative effect on the health and efficiency of the human body

This is also true for such interference as ingesting Genetically modified foods to for example provide convenience such as making fruits and vegetables that should be seeded seedless. This introduces processes the human system is not coded with resulting in the excessive production of stress hormones, white blood cells, and so on.

The neurotransmitters responsible for the messaging processes that break down food into the format needed by the body for its continuous self-healing and other processes become overused trying to handle unrecognized stress.

This leads to depletion of not only the neurotransmitters but also other nutrients needed for the effective function of various body parts.

Let me help us understand this complexity, it means that each cell is operated by light fields we call biochemical. These run the background processes that result in what we see which is why we call them neurotransmitters. They transmit the messages that control the behavior of cells/organs etc. The inhibitors ensure the excitatory ones responsible for movement/

 Growth and so on do not overproduce in perceived self-defense leading to imbalances that result in body malfunctions we call sickness and diseases. Consequently, the best solution is to identify and reverse these stressors and provide the body with natural resources that do not contain any strange items to enable it quickly be repaired.

These light fields are electromagnetic fields and are not subject to human manipulation but are coded to work based on the natural design of the human body.         

If a patient has for example computer use addiction, because of the various depletion of nutrients that occur in computer use addiction, it is important to get complete whole body chemistry by analyzing the blood, urine, and stool at the minimum to determine as much as possible what has been depleted in order to determine the best nutritional diet to embark upon and to determine if supplementation is necessary.

This analysis does not reveal everything but it is a very important starting point. It should be repeated as needed to track progress and determine the necessary changes required in the treatment program.

In addition, there will more often than not be a need for GABA and melatonin supplementation. Another thing I will recommend a doctor use is Rhodiola Rosea.

There are other issues such as magnesium, zinc, iron, Vitamin D, B, C, and other mineral and vitamin supplementation, but will stop here. Please refer to all the pages on this website as well as foo. A website you have complimentary access to.

Pre the podcast has several exercises you can use. Invite your patients to be members of at least the podcast. It costs only $4 per month or $10 for quarterly membership of the podcast.

I will like to introduce you to My book Lessons I Learned the Hard way is actually a reference library I will suggest.

Computer use-induced health conditions should never be self-diagnosed and treated without medical help to monitor the process. It is very dangerous to try a do it on your own approach.

I have provided a schedule of times when I can be reached directly below. You can also contact me through the contact us page or by commenting on any blog.

Additional Notes for allergy/and asthma resembling afflictions:

There are several homeopathic remedies I detail on this website on the related page. There is however much more in my book that provides information on this topic.

More Information for all doctors:

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The books are priced low at $8-$16 to make them easily affordable to all. Encourage your patients to get their own copies and make your life easy.

Use these remedies and all the other measures I took because of the severity of my issue and because it took a long time for me to understand what was going on,

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My Story:

Please HERE to access my personal story detailing my adventure with computer use induced health conditions and was dying when God our Maker chose to heal me and provide me with information about the code of the human machine that has enabled me to help several people with debilitating health issues including various kinds of cancer, Asthmas and allergies, COVID 19, autoimmune system problems and so on. Now you too like all the other doctors I have been privileged to help can provide the same help to your patients


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