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In today’s world, it is one bad news after another, Tornadoes, hurricanes, climate change-induced tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides, wildfires, and so on, wars, rumors of wars, pandemics, and more pandemics, and all kinds of strange sicknesses and diseases, recession and inflation and run away economies.

Everything seems to be beyond the control of humans who through their activities in violation of what the user manual given to us that we call The Scriptures to tell us.

We and our leaders chose to violate the various spiritual principles insisting on having our way. Now the consequences are here and contrary to what was believed we cannot change anything and the code is cast in stone.

Nations made themselves unauthorized leaders and declared themselves in charge without authority and have driven everything over the cliff. Is there a way out ?. It is called repentance a word today’s humans do not recognize. It flies in the face of what we have been told. We were told we were in charge and could be anything we wanted to be making humans all important.

Contrary to what our manual says, we were told that our Maker who is divine and Holy was so desperate for human contact and would always bend over backward to accommodate any offense committed by humans. We were told we could have whatever we wanted and there would be no price to be paid.

We were deceived into believing that because there is a savior and a path to redemption we could live in any way and miss use the resources in nature here on the earth and in space without consequences.

Now violation of space by space travel and space junk is killing the environment. We have been told to ignore this real cause of climate change and global warming and focus on greenhouse gases from cars etc. which is probably responsible for not more than 5-10% of the problem.

We have had to take up to 4 doses of vaccine in some cases to prevent being infected and if infected reduce the impact on our health of coronavirus. We are warned there would be more pandemics.

Since all these pandemics are laboratory-generated in a bid to see who can best weaponize the malaria parasite into the most lethal weapon of mass destruction by adding all kinds of protein to it and using either mosquitos or other animals to spread it, pandemics are a choice.

Few make all these decisions but all suffer as a consequence. Many believe this is the way to stimulate economic production. It has not worked well. Humans can legalize death and destruction and label it science contrary to the instructions in our manual but instead of the blessings of science we are reaping the curses of death and destruction.

In addition, the global economy is in tatters. Everyone is still operating by deficit financing i.e. by poverty disguised as wealth.

Yet despite all the above being a recipe for mental health pandemic which is what now operates as health conditions, no one is putting the brakes on all the underlying preventable underlying causes.

What do you think about all these things? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

If there are other aspects of today’s world you will like me to share more insights on do let me know. Bye for now.

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