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When I wrote the blog “Nine Exercises You Can Do at Your Workstation Without Drawing Attention”, I promised to follow up with one on Ergonomics,  Here it is.  

There is a second blog I wrote earlier this year on ergonomics titled How to Eliminate Musculoskeletal Pain and Suffering from Computer Use”.

Today’s blog is a foundational one. It provides a basic understanding that will help us better appreciate the earlier blogs. The first 2 blogs were like band-aids to stop the bleeding. Now we are better able to appreciate more information from a comfortable position.

This blog will not be long but it will be deep. It is a short deep dive.

A lot of people have heard of ergonomics – the science of designing the workplace to fit workers’ needs at work. Consequently, when people hear the word ergonomics they do not normally relate it to nature. Most people do not consciously on a day-to-day basis, evaluate their relationship with nature and use that to guide the relationship between their workspace and themselves. Ergonomics is however in fact a natural process. What we do in workspace design is actually try to copy nature.

Humans are on the earth to work which is why we feel uncomfortable when unable to work, as that violates our natural code of being. There are 2 steps in the earth’s workplace system.

  1. Our relationship with our external to the body workplace which is the environment around us on the earth
  2. Our internal bodily workplace designed for our organs and other body parts

These 2 workplaces are intricately connected. The first one is a general workspace which in the computer use system would be the building where we work whether at home or in the office. The second one can be likened to our individual cubicle or workstation.

As we can see the second one is a subset of the first one and does not exist without the first one.

Without the building, there is no workstation. Likewise, without the earth, there is no human body. Many health problems we have today arise from not realizing this and consequently taking care of one without the other or even neglecting the 2 natural workstations we need to work right for anything else to be okay.. We focus more on the workplace of our jobs and businesses and forget it all depends on the natural workplace being okay.

To learn more about natural ergonomics and how all these systems interrelate you will need to access the member page Exercise and Ergonomics scroll down to the link for Natural Ergonomics also click on the link for Fundamentals of Ergonomics.

If you are not a member consider joining. There is however more than enough for you to chew on in this blog.

Natural ergonomics is the work of our maker who designed our natural workplaces – the earth and our bodies to take care of our bodily needs as we carry out our work of taking care of the earth. This design was put in place by our maker who has given us a manual we can understand we call Scripture which most people do not read.

Those who read it fail to relate their human activities to its words choosing to rebel in the hope that the natural computer of nature will bend to their will though humans have no access to the codes which are all located within the earth’s system and written in the language only our make knows and can see or understand. It is all the work of our maker GOD which he lovingly put in place

The problem today is that we have without permission unilaterally changed our job description. In today’s world, no one is truly taking care of the earth. Everyone is guilty of abusing the earth and only interested in how they can manipulate things to make as much money as possible.

Consequently, the available jobs are earth destroying. The workplace designs do nothing to take care of the earth They only take from the earth without consideration for how any depletions will be restored. This is where I will stop. Head over to the member pages to learn more.

I hope I have helped get us to begin to appreciate the fact that there are baby steps we can take that can have a huge positive impact on our lives when it comes to exercising to help us cope with some of the inherent stress in computer use.

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