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Humans are created to be audio-visual. Consequently, the eyes and the ears are the organs we are most aware of if there is a problem. If vision is impaired it is immediately obvious though many times we choose not to acknowledge the obvious out of fear.

It is indeed very scary to have vision problems. That is however an issue that comes with computer use. Why is this so? The answer is that the eyes are the main organs we use directly in computer use as computer use is visual. Computer use is a form of reading.

We read with our eyes and consequently without vision it is impossible to adequately make use of the computer.

Computer use helps us to see things not directly in front of us by projecting them by the use of recodings and projection of that recording on the computer screen.

Consequently, we are able to experience situations and things without being in a physical location.

Computer use, therefore, broadens our visual capabilities beyond what is in our immediate vicinity. WE experience without actually being physically in the place we are experiencing.

We are also able to communicate via emails with people we may not be able to get on the phone. Through various telephonic Applications, we are able to reduce our telephone bills and we can shop without leaving home.

All these activities are possible when we have the visual capability to view objects and writings on the computer monitor.

If this capability is impaired in any way it brings our ability to communicate with others to only those in our immediate environment

Judging by the way we take our vision for granted and only realize our folly when there is a problem, we are unable as humans to readily acknowledge our totally dependency on the eyes for our beloved computer use experience.

Eye health is key. There are simple steps that we need to take to ensure we can continue to expand our experience beyond our immediate environment.

Unlike static words on paper which we are naturally coded to read, computer screen pixels move around. Our eye muscles are therefore strained from the activity of reading from the computer. The images we see are also not as static as we assume them to be. They move around to. The electromagnetic field operating in the computer system is artificially generated and therefore fo not have the strength of naturally occurring ones.

Our diet and eye exercise are key to eye health. We also need to protect our eyes with compter reading glasses that help to reduce the effect of the glare that comes off the screen as well as the eye strain.

Getting a good night’s sleep is very helpful. Many people do not realize just how stressful light is to the body. We take it for granted that we can walk around in sunlight during the day and in the moonlight at night without a thought about the stress of light.

That is because that is the natural environment we are coded with and our heart has available to it natural stress handler it can deploy in the body. The environment itself also generates stress handlers. Computer light is artificially generated and therefore has no stress handlers.

Further dehydration of the skin around the eyes resulting in dry eyes that cannot be resolved by eyedrops is a major health issue for computer users. However, this problem is routinely misdiagnosed as the effect of computer use on the human body is not well known.

This website seeks to shed light on these issues providing members with tools that can help them avoid misdiagnosis. With a