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Fibroids are abnormal growths in the uterine wall mostly caused by excessive production or availability of estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for the multiplication of cells and progesterone curtails them. The balance of the availability and production of these hormones makes the difference between normal and abnormal growth.

Consequently, the main aim of fibroid shrinkage and prevention is to normalize the estrogen: progesterone balance in the body.

The main causes of excessive estrogen in today’s world are activities and foods altered to reshape the way they are way coded by our maker e.g. seedless fruits that normally should be seeded – grapes, oranges, and so on

This process only brings forth a product because of excessive estrogen. The available estrogen must overwhelm the progesterone and other inhibitors responsible for keeping the things on earth in the coded way to manifest. Consequently, all the so-called modern life products and food are an exercise in self-annihilation.

We end up with abnormal growths. Our maker in his mercy has coded it that not all abnormal growth will be made of abnormally shaped cells or else everyone would be dead with cancer. A further step is required for the cells to become cancerous.

Here are some examples of fibroid causing activities:

  1.  Processed foods including baby formulas and food. This is one of the reasons why breast milk is good as hormonal imbalance can happen at any time even at the real wild harvest state. Some women develop fibroids as a result of the formulas given when a child
  2. Chemicals in today’s foods from chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, genetic modification of foods and other non-natural farming practices
  3. Eating foods no longer in the
  4. Processed foods e.g. cookies, white bread instead eat bread from sprouted grains or whole grains. Do not eat a lot of bread. Eat it sparingly
  5. Sugar. Natural foods that are sweet are actually very medicinal and good but processed sugar contains a lot of estrogen and other harmful chemical so avoid the. Sweeten with wild harvested honey. Date etc.

Here are the main goals – to enable the body to restore its hormonal balance and eliminate excessive cell growth in the female reproductive system.

  • Restore the estrogen: progesterone balance
  • Strengthen the liver and kidneys for effective elimination of waste
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce electromagnetic field exposure i.e. manage computer, cell phone, microwave etc. use. Since these are tools essential in today’s world use them as needed never for pleasure. Take breaks from computer use – mini and micro breaks.

Fibroid treatment:

Fibroid treatment is similar to cancer treatment because cancer has 2 sides

  1. The abnormal growth of cells
  2. The deformation of these excessively multiplied cells.

Fibroids involve just the first component and effort must be made to ensure the excessively multiplied cells do not become and carcinogenic.

Natural Fibroid treatment: These treatments involve food and diet changes as well as lifestyle changes to achieve the main goals stated above which will shrink and eliminate the fibroids

The most important thing for anyone trying to prevent fibroids or trying to shrink them to remember is this:

The human body is a human-computer it is also a human software running codes that result in moving images on the monitor of the computer of the earth. It, therefore, like the image on the computer you are working on is the product of processes run by someone else and has no life of its own separate from that of the code running in it.

Though the image called human is able to make choices, unlike the image that shows up on our computer monitors. The result of those choices is cast in stone.

Consequently, to shrink a fibroid we must make choices that enable the code of fibroid shrinkage to run. We do not know the code but we make the choices that allow the code to run. We do not know the code directly but our maker has lovingly provided an interpretation into human language and given it to us as our user manual. We call this document the Scriptures.

It tells us food is our medicine and that the maker has provided for us to use it as provided. It means we have to eat the food in our mouths to start the process. That is why things that are applied intravenously never seem to work. It bypasses many steps that cannot be bypassed for the code to run effectively consequently we end up with a bunch of error reports we x=call complications, sickness, and so on

The second thing to remember isthattoxins in the body’s system it is unable to identify


These treatments are 3 pronged

  1. Avoidance measures – These measures will reduce exposure to toxins  that cause excessive estrogen production
  2. Fibroid shrinkage
  3. Maintenance of healthy estrogen: progesterone balance

Pre-Menopausal treatment is different from Menopausal. For Post-Menopausal women eating healthily, exercise is the main thing as post-menopausal women are at the stage of least stress and lowest point of estrogen production as they have gone past their reproductive phase and consequently the body automatically shuts down most estrogen production to only that which is necessary for daily living.

At this stage, most women are no longer working and those working no longer have to worry about taking care of their children’s financial needs. These are the most comfortable years for most women.

If excessive growth is still going on at this stage, areas such as medications and pre-existing fibroids that were not shrunk are more likely to be the culprit rather than new growth. In such instances, food and diet with exercise and lifestyle changes would be the best natural healing process.

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