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Financial giving is something most of us know about. Financial giving as a natural personal self-healing tool is what we all subconsciously aim for when we give. We all give to promote issues we feel passionate about and secretly expect to be rewarded by our maker with more wealth, success, good health, family lives and relationships and goodwill and favor, and so on. This means we expect to gain personal healing in every area of our lives and those of our loved ones. This expectation is actually what we should expect and receive

Our user manual for living on the earth which we call the Scriptures backs it up in many pages. Here in the US, we have a lot of giving from everyone the rich, the poor, and everyone in between all trying to give. We are however not reaping the rewards. In fact, the world is at a global precipice in every area of life there is no tranquility or peace or good health, etc.

We have the exact opposite of what we should be experiencing. Why is this so? What does this mean? This means a lot of our giving has not been acceptable to our maker, they have not met the conditions required for blessing. In fact, many of our givings are not even recorded in the databases of the earth’s system as giving but as murder, destruction, inequity, stealing, and so on.

 Because we are coded beings operating in a codded system it means that we need to realize that there are codes running that govern everything including the rewards of every action. Failure to understand this may be our greatest problem, Let me give a short summary of how coded systems work.

Coded systems are designed, they cannot just show up or spring up. The codes are designed to achieve a specific purpose i.e they must have a beginning and an end with triggers all along the way to effect pre-designed corrections and move the process along step by step until its purpose is achieved. Every conceivable activity it can meet along the way must be pre-provided for so it can attain its purpose.

If it meets something along the way not coded for and for which no provision has been made in terms of how to get rid of unexpected occurrences, it will not be able to move forward and will stop running or continue with errors and malfunction. The expected end result will not be met.

The more complex the code the more precise things have to be and the less the chances it can move forward if there are unexpected occurrences. In addition, the more complex the higher the level of redundancy there has to be to avoid a crash as so many simultaneous actions will be taking place all requiring a lot of operating space.

Redundancy may be as high as 70% or more which is why for example space is more vast than the actual environment on the earth to provide adequate space for constant continuous cleansing and recycling, repair, and restoration to ensure we have a balanced environment in which life can thrive on the earth as the activities of the sun and the moon govern the environment on the earth and must simultaneously control the climate, weather, the day and the night and all activities therein and at the same time pass through neurotransmitters of life light from our maker to us. The atmosphere of the earth must be maintained in a controlled predetermined state to ensure life on the earth. There is no room for error.

With this brief understanding of the precision requirement of the environment we dwell in and an understanding that these processes are controlled by codes predetermined by our maker we have no access to or can change let us proceed. The summary is that we are allowed to make choices but have no control over the consequences which are all predetermined and baked into the system. We, therefore, are required to learn and work within the limits without reducing the redundancy required for normal operations.

It is in respecting the redundancy limits that humans have a problem. We try to push the envelope. Unfortunately, that is not an allowed option for good outcomes in the complex coded environment in which we exist. It is made that way by design.

Another area we generally have a problem with is in respecting and accepting the definition of things per the code. We try to redefine things. However, we are not authorized. Consequently if for example, we define a practice as medical research and the code regards it as murder because the process of achieving it requires the destruction of nature and the shedding of innocent animal and or human blood in the bid to develop and or test the efficacy of such a practice, it stands as murder and giving to such a cause stands as aiding murder and cannot be blessed as the damaged lives always cry for vengeance

The problem is that we fail to accept the implications of the fact that we are coded beings in a coded environment and apply those considerations to ourselves as humans and therefore fail to understand the code.

There is only one owner of life and that is the Maker of it. It comes from him to achieve his purpose on the earth. Taking a life is therefore stealing and being caught red-handed in the very act of stealing.

There is only one way of achieving things on the earth and that is by following the laid down principle in the code. There is no problem without a predesigned natural solution that works perfectly.

Any solutions outside of natural processes will only kill, steal and destroy without achieving the desired goal. This is why humans have not been able to solve any problems. Nature cannot be fixed by destroying it. When you destroy something, you are not fixing it even if you decide to define destruction as fixing and create laws sanctioning such destruction. It is still destruction and an account must be given to the owner.

Murder per the code is the shedding of innocent blood for whatever reason. Any good that requires destroying life to achieve it is not allowed as there are natural solutions for every conceivable sickness and disease.

 I am going to try to help us understand from the code, the principles, and the rules that govern the rewards of financial giving.

 We give when there are natural disasters and try to be our brothers’ keeper, we give to help out during times of manmade disasters such as pandemics or we hear someone has cancer or was shot or children have been orphaned by murders, mass shootings, and so on. We also give for other reasons such as research, education, helping refugees, and so on. Why is our giving then not acceptable and not counted as giving?

Let me help us to understand. I will go from the fundamentals to more complex issues. The fundamental reason is that we are here to take care of the earth consequently everything we do must be taking care of the earth for it to be acceptable. There is an expectation by the earth that carries us that we will remember our purpose for being here so it would accept our presence.

Everyone wants to be alive forever and that is what our manual tells us is the ultimate purpose but there is a caveat. It all depends on the earth accepting our presence. The earth can permanently reject individuals as it did with Cain because of violence and shedding of innocent blood or to Pharaoh the king of Egypt for wanting to make himself god upon the earth, challenging the authority of our maker and instituting racism out of jealousy and envy and greed against the people for whose sake the earth is able to tolerate everybody else., These same people are today called black/Africans and not acknowledged as who they are and are still being subjected to the same exploitative practices.

The earth can reject a city as it did Nineveh because of wickedness and Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual immorality. It can reject a nation because of their disrespect for our maker and their oppression of people who our maker has blessed such as happened to Babylon. This is why racial discrimination is a dangerous activity for perpetrators. We see the just reward for Pharaoh as an individual and for Babylon as a nation. Today, the whole world has become a Babylon where these same people are being oppressed and their identity is given to others. It is a race against time to avoid the inevitable outcome for the oppressors.

I hope anyone involved in financing such oppression can see the future and turn back from the brink. The seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who are today classified by everyone else by their skin color and oppressed are the only ones through whom the prosperity that everyone is looking for can be released into the earth. They are the salt and light by virtue of the blessing extended to them by Noah via their father Shem to be the cover for everyone else. This function was effectively passed on to their father Abraham by Melchizedek and onwards to Isaac and Jacob their fathers. It was codified into an everlasting covenant on Mt. Sinai.

Therefore racial discrimination against black people is a result of the failure of everyone to understand and accept the code. The last time there was global prosperity was in the Benin Empire. The fall of Benin resulted in the financial demise that we are all suffering from today.

The earth can reject generations of people or everybody leaving only 1 person and his family as it did with the people in the days of Noah who because of the hardships they were suffering forgot they had a Maker who alone knew the way out and sought to do things their own way engaged in murders and other forms of violence, sexual immorality, over absorption with self and entertainment and various other forms of disrespect for our Maker and His expectation of them. They are a picture of the condition of today’s world where there is so much hardship as it was then and everyone is now indulging in the same things they indulged in.

This is where part I will end. Part II will take off from here.

What is the CALL TO ACTION for Part I? Become passionate about taking care of the earth, Join, and DONATE to fix broken wired lives TODAY.

Let your giving become part of your self-healing process. Invite others to donate.

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It is a dangerous state where it is easy for people to actually self-sabotage themselves due to ignorance about where we are at. As you can see if you are reading this blog, we at are in the business of actually taking care of the earth by getting people to turn from earth-destroying actions to earth-healing actions. Let your giving take care of the earth. Please read our campaign information at or click HERE to learn more about broken wired lives)

Stay tuned for part II.

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