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The parts of the act of financial giving:…Contd. from Part I. It is not just financial giving that is important but also the source of the money and what the receiver plans to do with the money.

Only a few people are able to fully affect the source of their money as the vast majorities earn salaries. Business people are better able to fully do that and they are more responsible for the source of their money.

When it comes to what the receiver does with the money we are in a better place and so are all responsible for ensuring to the best of our abilities that we are not accomplices to corporate, national or personal crimes as defined by our maker.

In part I, we said that in spite of the high level of giving globally, we are not reaping the expected reward of peace and tranquility on a global, national or personal level in many cases. In order to change the current trajectory that is going nowhere good, we must first address our way of thinking. Our definition of light/good and darkness/bad/evil must align with that of our maker.

It must align with the responsibility given to humans and the basis of our being here on the earth – To serve the earth by taking care of it. This care involves carrying out good activities that eliminate evil from the earth.

The choices we make and our reasoning for making them and everything we do arising from our choices are recorded in the databases of the computer systems of nature according to our maker’s definition of our actions (to get a clearer understanding please go back to part I where this is fully explained and examples provided for clarity).

Being a pre-defined system the consequences of our actions are auto-triggered by our actions and go into effect immediately. Some things we can reverse by repenting or realizing we have made a mistake or moved too soon etc. Some things we are unable to change and our lives follow the path coded for our choice.

Light/good and darkness/bad/evil; Let us see what our manual for dwelling here on the earth that we call The Scriptures says. It tells us that when the earth an object of light was created it was covered in darkness which means it creation emitted both darkness and light but the light was not strong enough to enable it to shine forth through the darkness.

Both darkness and light need light to operate. When the light produced is stronger than that needed to operate darkness then the light shines through the darkness. When it is strong enough to render the darkness invisible then the darkness is not seen even though it is present but if the light is strong enough to obliterate the darkness then darkness is made nonexistent.

In the case of the earth, there was only enough to operate the darkness which consumed all the light energy so the earth was not visible, only the water in which it was incubated could be heard. This is the foundation for the fact that nothing can come into nature unless it is first incubated in water. For example, no human can be born without incubating in water in the womb and no plant can grow without incubating the seed or stem in water..

Is water light: Water is actually liquid light through which light is passed and seen. Water is the monitor of the earth’s system. The air around us is water laden even desert air. In the desert, the air has enough water to support life but not enough to form rain.

The earth did not have enough light to both remove the darkness resulting from the earth’s creation and provide illumination for its revelation and existence.

Its form of mountains and rivers etc. was not visible. The impact of the darkness was such that total immediate removal of the darkness by bringing out all the earth’s light in a single process was too much for it to handle. The light was good when it was forcefully made to shine but it did not obliterate the darkness which became invisible but still covered the earth so the earth could not be seen.

The earth on its own could not remove the darkness and show its form in one swoop. It needed a gradual process. It needed periods of activity and periods of rest to recover.

It would take a gradual process that would enable the earth gradually remove the darkness while building up its resources to reveal all its form and parts.

How does time factor into the mix; To provide this gradual process, time had to be introduced into the mix to provide a period of activity and a period of rest as the earth’s light was gradually turned up, Its various parts would need to be gradually revealed and strengthened until all the darkness was removed and the earth and all its forms/ornaments became light with no darkness in it.  This is why we have the process of growing up to enable us gradually be strengthened.

To achieve all this, 2 temporary objects of light were made to pull the darkness from off the earth so that a habitable circumference could be revealed. These temporary light structures called the sun and the moon provides the light energy source that powers activity good and bad/evil on the earth.

They control time and day and night and weather and climate and seasons and years, days and months. This is why space adventurism has been rewarded with global warming and climate change etc. as the sun and moon have enforced their authority to stop humans from destroying everything. They respond to triggers from the earth itself which the earth releases for self-preservation to prevent the humans supposed to take care of it from destroying it.

More understanding: As the earth’s light of existence produced within itself was being gradually strengthened, its forms and ornaments including humans were supposed to live by a code of existence that generated light with increasing strength day by day. This light was supposed to be the kind that darkness could not overcome but which could overcome darkness.

This light was coded to enable humans to become the representatives of our maker who is light where there is no darkness at all i.e. light that obliterates darkness. We are coded to be able to receive this light from our maker and operate it on the earth from our activities on the earth. The light-producing activities are coded into the system and are generated when humans act in humility and obedience and do that which is good as defined in the system of nature by our maker and not human thoughts and imagination.

Only light where there is no darkness at all can be defined as good. Any other kind of light will be skewed partly good and partly not good and not useful for the earth in its bid to completely obliterate the darkness.. The earth needs a continual flow of good which requires us to lean on our maker for understanding and definition of good at all times so we stay within limits.

When we create our own definition we veer off from the code. We do not know the code nor are we expected to know it, we just need to stay within the definition provided just as the earth does. The earth relied on our maker totally to get its darkness removed and we are required to do the same.

What makes Financial Giving good: Financial Giving is one of the attributes that produce light where there is no darkness at all. The art of financial giving includes the process of giving, the basis/motive for giving, the source of the funds, and the use it will be put to.

All these various parts must meet the definition in the code for it to generate the pure life-giving, healing, prospering light that takes care of the earth by eliminating darkness i.e. it produces powerful darkness eliminating/obliterating light.

This light is what we all seek when we give. This is how we take care of the earth with our financial giving and receive the full expected reward of personal healing in every area of our lives as darkness is obliterated from around us.

This is the kind of activity the human was placed on the earth to perform. Indeed human was provided to enforce activities promoting and strengthening the earth and its light of existence.

Consequently, financial giving is an activity that produces light and diminishes or eliminates darkness. If however, our financial giving is classified as murder or destruction or other negative activity and not true giving we will not receive the blessings attached to giving.. We must learn to choose to align with our maker’s definition of financial giving. That is the only way we can get back to giving that can be blessed.

How do we solve the problems we see around us: We are in a coded natural system which means all the solutions to any problem are available in nature we just have to be trustworthy to be allowed access as the earth is not about to allow humans to totally destroy it. No human is indispensable but the earth is indispensable to every human.

When we try to monetize every solution by looking for alternatives to natural solutions because we cannot claim ownership or because it will not yield a lot of money or because we want to promote ourselves by pretending to have the knowledge we do not have, that will be classified as bad/evil to the earth that must choose to continue to carry us.

For example, looking for ways to split hydrogen as a source of energy contrary to nature can never be blessed. In fact, virtually all of today’s research is a destruction of nature which is why everything is now chaotic to tell us our ways are not okay and that the earth is getting ready to ask for the removal of individuals or nations or even everyone.  Everything we come up with as solutions are destructive to nature.

The research is destructive destroying the lives of humans, plants, and animals. The end products are just as destructive. We replace death with death but somehow think we can make money that can be blessed by these ventures which are classified as murder.

Consequently, our giving to all these causes instead of blessing us and bringing us healing, only brings pain, family discord, sickness and disease, mental health problems, relationship collapses, depression, frustration, and so on.

We can now I hope, see what the problem is. We are all broken wired lives that need fixing and it is a race against time. This is why we are asking you to join us in taking care of the earth – to donate to fix broken wired lives. Your donation enables us to provide information and awareness to everyone.

What is the CALL TO ACTION for Part II? Become passionate about taking care of the earth, Join, and DONATE to fix broken wired lives TODAY.

Let your giving become part of your self-healing process. Invite others to donate.

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It is a dangerous state where it is easy for people to actually self-sabotage themselves due to ignorance about where we are at. As you can see if you are reading this blog, we at are in the business of actually taking care of the earth by getting people to turn from earth-destroying actions to earth-healing actions. Let your giving take care of the earth. Please read our campaign information at or click HERE to learn more about broken wired lives)

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