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Food is medicine for the computer user as the act of computer use results in depletion of natural resources for daily living at a rate many times more than regular daily bodily processes, as it is not a process we are coded with.

Granted computers have probably been around for over a thousand years, however, in the old Benin Empire through which it was introduced to humans by our maker, it did not depend on artificially generated light. It used the light of the sun consequently it was in synch with nature.

Today’s computer use is not naturally coded to us as, unlike the original technology it uses materials not available in nature in the way they are incorporated into the computer. This results in an automatic conflict with our body’s system that must now use up more resources than coded into it to handle modern computer use.

Processes such as seeing, hearing, touching, and so on are impacted (for more please go to the member page Food is Medicine for the Computer User for the full article of which this blog is only an extract)The nerve network that handles these processes needs more neurotransmitter messaging to handle the unnatural materials as well as the unnatural light used in today’s computers. I provide detailed information about this in my book “Lessons I Learned the Hard Way”.

When we eat healthily we eat for normal routine bodily processes, we do not normally take into account the effect of computer use on our body’s natural resources. Consequently, we do not make provision for a continuous supply of depleted resources.

Because we absorb some of the artificial materials through our breath and skin, we also inhale the materials consequently we absorb toxins through our skin, nasal, eye contact with the various artificially generated and consequently toxic materials used in producing the computers we use and the artificial light coming from the screen, backlighting from CPUs and laptops, cell phones, TVs and so on.

Consequently, when considering the right food/diet for us we must consider what is needed for the optimal functioning of the various organs and body systems including Seeing through the eyes, hearing through the ears, Touching through our fingers, Moving our heads, hands, and so on

We can see that computer use effects need more attention than most people are giving it. These depletions are some of the reasons for the routine misdiagnosis of ailments that computer users suffer which most times are difficult to verbalize and only become recognizable when someone else describes it and in addition, they resemble other ailments more commonly known to the medical field.

I hope this short writing helps us get an understanding of why so many computer users have been forced to stop working as a result of misdiagnoses resulting in life-threatening health issues from prescribed medications.

The need to eat healthy specifically for computer use cannot be overemphasized. To learn more about the best diet for computer users please go to the Seminar series. And order seminar 3 if you just want to know about diets. If you want to have a deeper understanding, go through the whole series starting with seminar 1

Computer use depletes many minerals most especially iron, magnesium, calcium, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

Unbeknown to many people the minerals and vitamins we absorb occur in various forms in nature and we need all the various forms. There are the forms that are detectable by human instruments and the ionic forms that are not detectible and are pure neurotransmitters.

For a more in-depth study on this order the seminar series. Start from seminar 1.

This is where I will stop today. I hope this information has helped you. Hop over to foodsthathealdaily.com for more information on foods if you are a member of wired lifesolutions.com as it gives you complimentary free membership of foodsthathealdaily.com..

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