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We all know that we need to eat daily to provide nourishment and strength to our bodies i.e. to survive daily existence. Many of us, however, do not realize that the daily activities of walking, talking, carrying out our daily tasks, and so on create wear and tear in our bodies just like it happens when we use tools and equipment our cars are a prime example we can all relate to.

If this daily wear and tear are not taken care of on a daily basis, it builds up resulting in a breakdown in normal daily abilities. To help itself, our bodies make us sleep daily so it can carry out daily repair work just like we would do in a manufacturing plant.

The body is a natural computer that requires 2 sets of automatic daily repair

  1. Continuous internal repair on the go and
  2. A daily shutdown period for internal healing. The healing is an automatic process that depends on the availability of resources to operate the repair kit coded into the Human Computer by our Maker for our optimal performance.

The resources required include minerals, vitamins, energy sources such as sugar from food intake, the air, water, and so on as well as neurotransmitters stored during our period of activity (more on this at our sister website –

Many may be surprised to know that the same minerals, vitamins, neurotransmitters, and so on we have in our bodies are available in the air and the water.

Consequently, it is not only when we put food in our mouths that we eat. We eat from the air around us and also from the water. The variation and composition of the nutrients we receive from all these sources are unique to each source and are coded to be available in levels predetermined and coded into the human system.

When these various levels of availability are not available we suffer pain and other health issues just as we do regarding the availability of nutrients in what we eat.

Because this information is not available and/or taught in our medical schools or anywhere else for that matter we suffer needlessly trying to resolve issues that can only be resolved naturally with methods readily available which at best can only provide temporary or incomplete relief. As a result of lack of knowledge, we use methods including medication, supplements, lifestyle changes, exercise, meditation and so on which are not coded into the code of the human system as the solutions to these fundamental issues.

The website was created to provide comprehensive information on this subject so we can understand and get a chance to implement the real solutions coded into the human system by our maker. We have been provided with information about coded systems and how they work to make us realize there is a path of solution coded for every problem we encounter and like any other coded system that is the only path that will truly work.

The solution is not up to the human mind but the code.

If you are a member of, you have complimentary free membership of and if you are a gold member of you get complimentary free membership of Both sites have the same membership cost and you only need to join one to get access to the other making it easy for everyone to have affordable access to all the information they need to live in today’s world which is life at the precipice on a continuous basis.

The new podcast we are working on will provide help in this direction as well since many of us know something is wrong but are unable to correctly discern it as too many voices are telling us things to do that only scratch the surface whereas the solutions we need are fundamental root-level solutions.

This is where I will stop today. I hope this information has helped you. Hop over to for more information.

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