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The toxic nature of computer use means it is not enough to eat healthily, we must eat healthily specifically for computer use. We must eat as if Computer use is a health condition which it really is we must eat to balance the following

  1. Our internal organ environment
  2. Our internal bodily environment
  3. Our computer use environment mineral, vitamins and neurotransmitter resources requirements.

Why do we need to do this?

We are human computers coded to operate in certain ways on the earth from whose dust the flesh is made. the dust of the earth has been programmed to provide us with certain resources to be used by the body in certain ways as coded to meet the requirement of taking care of the earth. Consequently, our bodies do not belong to us but to the earth and our maker who has molded it from the earth to be his computer for operating the process of taking care of the earth. We are made from the earth for the earth’s sake. The earth, therefore, has a right to recall its dust from us if our activities are destructive.

The whole earth is in fact a super, super, super-advanced technological environment that is self-sustaining if the system is operated properly as coded with only approved software and hardware.

The system of growth and daily operation is an automated system. What we need for each activity as coded in us is provided in the food, water, sunlight, exercise, and chores naturally given to us. Working as coded the human system is supposed to be in perfect balance with its environment on the earth without needing supplemental resources.

The knowledge of Computers and indeed of science, in general, was given to my ancestors years ago as custodians to release into the world as the earth could handle the stress of humans using the various systems. For example, when we were in Egypt we came up with pulleys and so on that help us build the pyramids and cities while in captivity.

This knowledge is based on that provided to Noah when he was building an arch whose architecture is still the basis for building ships thousands of years after. These were fundamental principles upon which the principles of commerce and human-to-human interaction are based. Commerce is a by-product of science and technology.

It was meant to be a way of making sure that technology could be used safely to take care of the earth. On MT Sinai our maker made a covenant with my people to bless the earth through us meaning science, technology, and so on would always be introduced through us and we would be required to use the information to understand the desire of our maker with regards to how to take care of the earth and ensure that the way we release the information to the world is a blessing to the earth and everyone else.

This meant we had to be patient and receive express instruction about how and when to release technology.

This worked with every generation until about 150 years ago when my people forgot who they were and were deceived into thinking there was another source of information. They had it all but believed people who told them there was another way. . They forgot they were supposed to lead and tried in fake humility to follow. This result in the collapse of the systems on the earth as they collapsed and everyone else with them

The result was swift and immediate poverty and misuse of technology as everyone came in as the Benin Empire collapsed to get all the technology they could get and run with it.

Today we are all suffering from it as the computer should not be hurting us a much as it is because we did not wait to receive the finished product but are all stuck in the semi-finished product we have today.

This system being incomplete does not flow with the automatic system of nature and is unable to synch with it.

We have been thrown from the auto system into a manual system

Consequently, instead of building a machine that would be so structured that our heart can stimulate our brains to produce the various inhibitors heavily used up in computer use, we have to figure it out and make sure we have it in our foods.

We have to figure out how to make up for the shortfall in muscular exercise and how to ensure that the non-hydrated light from the computer does not result in internal dehydration of our systems.

We also have to figure out how to do it all without exposure to excessive estrogen and toxic materials.

Finally, we have to figure out how to dispose of dead computers. All this would have been provided if we had operated in patience just as all the other forms of science and technology before then.

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We will look at several areas

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Sources of Minerals and Vitamins most heavily used up in computer use activities

Foods for the skin, hair, and mouth

Food is Medicine for the Computer User

Foods That Heal Daily. You have complementary membership at There you will find member pages with information on more food solutions.

Sunlight the source of food

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