Heart Care Plan

The heart and the computer use environment – See ‘Lessons I Learned the Hard way” Chapter4-7

The heart is an electrical organ and can be overcharged by computer use. In nature, there are stress handlers to ensure information is received in an orderly manner to avoid chaos, confusion, and information overload. The heart does not recognize the computer light and the indoor light we use when we use our computers as light consequently, it does not automatically produce additional calming/inhibitory and stress handling biochemical (neurotransmitters) such as GABA, Acetylcholine, dopamine, etc. To handle the extraordinary stress of the artificial light environment we are in when we use the computer.

 Iron is a fundamental mineral and neurotransmitter (the ionic form. In fact, all minerals and vitamins all have the ionic form available in the air and in all living things. Other nutrients that are heavily used up in the computer use activity include magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and so on.

In addition, all these operating computers produce positive ions and co2 depleting the negative ions and oxygen available in the computer use environment.

We consequently overuse the available levels of these neurotransmitters and minerals and become deficient in them. This deficiency and resultant imbalance is manifested in several ways many of which we find difficult to verbalize. We therefore must eat and change our lifestyle to manually provide these additional resource requirements.

Furthermore, because the heart does not recognize these lights. We blink 66% less increasing the stress to our bodily system. Light is naturally stressful but we are light ourselves and automatically produce stress handlers to handle this in our bodies.

Our bodies are coded to handle our life operations in actions that use most body muscles in concert however computer use is the opposite of this. Our heads are in one spot and fingers and arms move but most other parts are stationary and when we leave the computer we go to bed or sit down to eat or watch TV.

Computer use Heart Care

To keep the heart healthy we have to ensure that the blood, as well as the organ the heart uses to produce it i.e. the liver, is operating at optimum levels. We have to ensure that the organ(s) which it uses to cleanse the blood – the kidney and the liver are also in top form. The immune system that keeps the heart healthy and helps it fight and remove dangerous cell activities must also be in top form. Finally, we must not forget the brain which is the powerhouse it uses to control the central nervous activities. It too must also be in top shape. Refer to the book “Lessons I Learned the hard way chapter–.

In addition, all body parts activated during computer use where stress in built up such as the eyes and the surrounding skin and nerve network as well as the fingers/hands and its own nerve network must all have optimal stress handlers refer to the book “Eyes Vision and Computer Use”

The first thing to do is to stabilize your body’s operating system so it can heal and continuously self-repair over time. To do this the following is necessary

  • Detoxify the entire body.
  • Cleanse the digestive system from the tongue to the colon.
  • Strengthen the liver, kidney and pancreas to strengthen the immune system, improve elimination of toxin and chemicals that compromise the body’s system making it to malfunction and to improve absorption of nutrients.
  • Cleanse the blood and boost iron supply to meet the increased requirement for iron.
  • High fiber diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and only wild caught fish and grassfed animal protein i.e. meats should be unadulterated by humans.

The essence is to operate your body the way it was designed to operate so it can selfheal as it was designed to.

This is a continuous process that requires commitment and consistency. You will have to become consistent and focused

I am going to provide a comprehensive approach to empower your body’s repair kit to do its work. The approach is to do as many of these things as possible. Start with what you can immediately handle and build up on that. Whatever you do you must be consistent with on a daily basis as much as possible. This list is not exhaustive. If you can do all this and stick with it, I will provide additional instructions. Let’s see how you handle these:

Your Computer Use Environment/Ergonomics – Refer to “Lessons I Learned the Hard Way” chapters 8-9

  • Have green indoor plants in your workspace. They will provide oxygen and consume the co2 that your operating computer generates thereby improving air quality. Plants also clean the air.
  • Place your computer near the window and raise the blinds allowing natural light in. This will stimulate your heart to instruct your brain to absorb more inhibitory neurotransmitters like GABA from the sunlight light coming in naturally. This is the heart’s natural response to sunlight. It stimulates the brain o produce and store more neurotransmitters to handle the stress of being in the presence of recognized light. Refer to chapter 11 of “Lessons I Learned the Hard Way”
  • Crack open the window to allow fresh air in to balance the ionic quality of the air around you as naturally happens when you are outside. This is the automatic response of the body to air.
  • Exercise while seated. Move your head and stretch every time you get up. Develop a routine of stretch exercises before you start work and a routine for when you finish work for the day.
  •   Make a conscious effort to blink often while in front of the computer.
  • Please let me know if you develop dry eyes as there are specific instructions I have not included here because you say you do not have dry eyes.  Please refer to the book ”Water, Hydration and Computer use”. It is a very short book
  • Drink distilled water while working instead of coffee.
  • Snack on nuts – peanut (eat the unsalted  one still in the shell. Crack open the shell and eat the whole nut including the brown skin. The skin is good for fighting high blood pressure. Also eat other nuts such as walnut, hazelnut, brazil nut and pistachios. You can create your own energy boosting trail mix by adding some raisins to a mixture of nuts.
  • Juicing is also a good snack option. Refer to the Appendix of “Lessons I Learned the Hard Way” for options

Initial body rebalancing

Use a juice fast for your initial body rebalance. This will reduce stress in the body’s system and prepare it for the new way we are about to embark upon. Refer to the Appendix of “Lessons I Learned the Hard Way” for options

Emotional health/ general wellbeing

  • Prayer.
  • Bible study.
  • Emotional detoxification by forgiving, generosity to family members and to the poor and needy and other acts of love.
  • Avoid stress
  • Walking complemented with other exercises (both indoors and outdoors). Go for daily walks
  • Chemical free environment Use natural products for cleaning. Vinegar, baking powder and plant based cleaning products are recommended. They are available online. If you need my help to identify them, please let me know.
  • Reduced continuous without break computer, cell phone and television exposure. Always take a break to allow your body to operate naturally and conduct mini self repair throughout the day
  • Good familial relationships as well as good friends.
  • Avoid parabens and other chemicals in your soaps and body lotion use black soap (dudu osun is available in many African stores). Get shea butter from Nigeria and use it instead of any expensive body lotions (they  are all full of soy derived ingredients which are not required to be so labelled so most people do not know)
  • Indoor plants to improve oxygen availability indoors
  • Read daily with sunlight
  • Daily re mineralize your body by chewing a few grains of Himalayan or Celtic salt each morning and then drinking some distilled water to flush it down. This way you will always be hydrated and your electrolyte balance will be daily renewed.
  • Read the labels of anything you buy to ensure it is chemical free
  • Walk in the sun as much as you can daily. The more you walk, the better it is. Walking is one of the major components of the human self-repair kit. Complement walking with other outdoor and indoor exercises

Immune boosting foods you should get from Nigeria

  • Remember that white and pink fruit called African apple. It is one of the most effective anti cancer foods. It is one of the reasons our people did not have cancer in days of old their foods were all cancer fighting.
  • The periwinkle in Nigeria especially the brown colored one eaten in Ondo state. It and the African apple are the source of most of today’s chemotherapy drugs,
  • Soursop fruit from Nigeria. Some stores now sell them here in the US

Immune System and General Body function

  • Daily Immune system boost -2ce a day. To boost your immune system, chew a little bit of garlic, a little piece of raw ginger and a little piece of onions, a little bit of dry red pepper found in African store or alternatively cayenne peppers and a little bit of turmeric. If you are able to, you can flush it down with some organic apple cider vinegar mixed with distilled water.
  • Use a daily detox for daily maintenance and a deep cleanse detox once every 2 months. I recommend a product called “The Cleaner’ It is available online
  • High fiber Diet – chemical free food (not adulterated by humans i.e. food the way God made them to be). Consider adding natural psyllium or other vegetable fiber to your diet. My recommendation would be to add both psyllium and Moringa, which will most likely be available at health food stores or online to your food – cooked or smoothie or salad etc. This will add green veg and fiber and plenty of cancer fighting protein. Moringa is very rich in iron. Avoid constipation. When you empty your bowels regularly, you remove excess estrogen from your system. Excess estrogen causes cancer.
  • Add Turmeric to all your foods also mix with water and drink daily as tea. Organic Turmeric is available online
  • Organic Maitake and Shitake mushrooms.
  • Herbs such as a little of Oregon grape seed extract, plenty of Dandelion leaf and Dandelion root, a little Burdock root and so on Add them to foods when cooking.-
  • Sunlight
  • Clean pure water. Distilled water is best as it helps to  flush the toxins through the kidneys
  • Drink only organic grassfed milk.
  • Supplements – good multivitamins, vitamin D, C, B, organic spirulina (add spirulina and cocoa powder to your milk, to make a powerful milkshake. You can sweeten it with Manuka or any other wild harvested honey. Consider taking digestive enzymes – I recommend Wobenzymes or equivalent/ Amino acids are best derived from food – mainly meats and whole grain.
  • High level probiotic and organic grass fed Greek yogurt. You can make your own probiotic by blending or pureeing blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, beet, granny smith apple, Bartlett pear, seeded grapes, onions, garlic, ginger, moringa, turmeric, nettle, dandelion leaf, dandelion root, spirulina, ground red pepper, fennel, mint, white yutta root, celery root, celery, parsnip, apple cider vinegar and ½ teaspoon of palm oil.  
  • Eat small portions
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Mix a few drops of Tea tree oil with distilled water and use as mouthwash throughout the day to detoxify your mouth. Make your own toothpaste from baking soda and activated charcoal and get detoxifying and deep cleansing pako from Nigeria.
  • Get the highest level of concentration of Oregano Oil you can tolerate and twice a day after cleaning your teeth put a few drops in your mouth roll it around and swallow it. You can alternatively use Q tips to add Oregano and Tea tree oil to your teeth and gums after brushing in the morning and in the evening.
  • If you have dental issue please let me know so I can provide specific instructions.
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet replace it with real honey. True wild harvested organic honey. You can also sweeten with dried dates.
  • Eat Organic seeded fruits especially citrus – pineapples, papaya, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, guava, fruit pear – Anjou, and so on, eat plantain instead of bananas, Organic berries such as blueberries, strawberries and so on, grapes, apples,
  • Eat plantain. Slice and cook it in the oven on foil sheets rubbed with pal oil.
  • Eat only pink Himalayan salt. The darker the shade the better because the darker the more iron. Grey Celtic salt is also okay
  • Instead of soda, drink distilled water at all times
  • Cook with herbs such as turmeric, rosemary and so on
  • Cook with palm oil. You need only a little.
  • Eat Only Wild caught fish such as salmon, sardine (make sure the skin is available- that is where most of the nutrients are.),
  • Eat small portions of Organic grass fed beef and lamb, organic chicken, game (e.g. bison, deer, raccoon and so on), goat.
  • Eat more of body parts such as the cow foot, kidney, liver, tripe, tongue, skin and so on and less of the flesh.
  • Eating the kidneys, liver and especially the heart will go a long way in restoring your iron balance both physical and neurotransmitter level iron which will help in rebalancing your GABA and other neurotransmitters. You may need to supplement your GABA initially use the sublingual one from nature source which is available at Vitamin Shoppe
  • Eat Only Organic Whole grain e.g. organic whole wheat bread, organic brown rice and so on.
  • Eat organic roots such as beets and include it in your smoothies and juices. Fried yam and white yutta (low fry in palm oil)
  • Eat organic beans and lentils. Ferment them for better absorption and to make them alkaline
  • Eat only organic eggs from free range chicken
  • Eat organic cooked green vegetables daily including – dandelion leaves, spinach, cilantro, collard green, kale, romaine lettuce, water cress, arugula, radish, ginger, garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, celery,
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon or less of rice vinegar to your food
  • Sleep at least 7-10 hours daily
  • Avoid sweet things
  • Cut down on oils. No hydrogenated oil. Eat Palm oil and Olive oil sparingly. Organic grass fed Butter should be used when eating bread.
  • Daily take a little of organic grass fed cheese add it to whatever you are eating.
  • If possible use steel pots. Avoid non stick and aluminum. (My suggestion).
  • Avoid white rice. Eat brown rice.
  • Avoid white flour. Eat whole wheat bread if you want to eat bred. Beans are good. To avoid gas, cook the beans for about 10 minutes. Then ferment over a few days. Do this for all grains. Then cook the fermented grains
  • Flax seed
  • Avoid Soy.
  • Eat Bison/Buffalo and other wild game if you want to eat meat. Do not eat too much meat only little.

Blood Cleansing food

  • Get fresh organic grassfed cow and bison or other wild animal bones especially marrow bones where available and cook into a broth to access the bone marrow season with turmeric and eat this daily.
  • Do NOT eat the broth sold on the shelf. Eat only the one freshly cooked at home
  • Eating cow foot will also provide access to bone marrow


A. Some of What you should avoid

Avoid toxins consequently eat only organic

Avoid all processed food – no sugar, cakes, ice cream, cookies, and so on

B. Some of the Things you should do

Sunlight is key – stay in sun walking or sitting on the porch for 30 minutes – 1 hour every day

Prayer and Praise

Read with the light of the sun – Read your Bible with sunlight. Just seat outside and read your Bible

Be as active as possible. If you can go for a daily walk as much as you can.

Drink distilled water.

Juice – juice oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and other citrus fruits. Just peel the skin of the oranges, grapefruit, and lemon and juice them with the white peel and seed. The seed and the white peel have a lot of cancer-fighting nutrients.

Juice and eat the following vegetables

Kale, Collard Greens, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots, onions, Dandelion leaf, Fennel

You can juice the fruit and vegetables together. You can use a blender and add hot water before blending.

Eat Organic plain Greek yogurt, Organic plain Probiotics

For the immune system – crush some garlic with ginger, cayenne pepper, and onions. Each day, crush a little fresh amount and eat.

Use unrefined Himalayan or light grey Celtic salt sea salt in your food