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As natural computers, humans are coded to operate the process of living on the earth in certain coded ways. There is a coded path for everything we do in life. Each action we take is like the decision tree matrix.

In the case of humans, every decision that any human can take in any circumstance has already been coded into us, which is why we can see patterns of behaviors in different people from different parts of the world all having the same outcome.

That is the evidence to us that we are coded beings, created by our maker. We, therefore, have no excuses for our surprises when we make decisions and they carry us on paths we do not want but which are predictable outcomes of the choices we have made.

When it comes to the human mental capabilities, there are several predictable patterns including the following 3

  1. The human mind needs a lot of repetition of any idea that would benefit the health of the human body naturally i.e. the human mind is rebellious against the healthcare system of nature as it requires obedience and is not amenable to manipulation. It is cast in stone. Predictably many would rather go with manmade manipulated prescription drugs that falsely promise to manipulate the natural system it is unable by itself to manipulate. Many of these issues may just need a lifestyle change or adoption of a diet that avoids chemicals and pesticides not coded to be in the human diet.
  2. The human system like any coded system is under the control of its code of being at all times but the human mind does not like to be controlled at all but wants to be in control at all times. This conflict results in the mind convincing the heart to rake decisions not supported by the known effects of the proposed action on human health. Consequently we sit in front of the computer for hours on social media platforms where we feel empowered to do whatever we like though we know such long exposures are hurtful. We convince ourselves it feels so good” regardless of the harm we are self inflicting
  3. The human mind likes to believe it has the correct answer to everything based on the way the mind feels. Unfortunately feelings are a result of the presence or absence or deficiency in the level of neurotransmitter balance necessary to carry out a particular action and not the reality of the consequence of an action. The consequence is based on the coded consequence of an action as coded into the system of nature by our maker.. Consequently. we end up with many situations where we take decisions based on our feelings only to end up with the unwanted predictable results..

My hope is that this short blog has given you a cause to pause and review some thoughts you may be nursing that may feel good or seem to put you in charge but that may be detrimental to your health.

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