Immune system

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The Human body is a completely self-sustaining system by design. The immune system is the military force that protects against external enemies.

It acts as the security system of the computer you are working on now. Just as that system has antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, and so on so the human system has its various parts. They all work in concert as one under the control of light fields we call biochemicals.

These biochemicals include neurotransmitters (inhibitory mainly from sunlight and excitatory from foods we eat and are carried around the body through the blood flowing in our arteries and veins, enzymes, and so on).

Consequently, the ultimate control is the heart. The heart receives the message of invaders and automatically releases its arsenal to protect the body.

In the blood are antibodies from white blood cells. From the brain come neurotransmitters through the nerve network. These armies operate through the liver, kidneys, the lymphatic and digestive systems, the skin and the lungs to attack, destroy and eliminate these invaders sending them back into the atmosphere from where they came. These invaders include bacteria, viruses, and parasites, and so on. They come in the form of and through foods, through the air we breathe and that gets into us through our skin, through the water we drink or that get to our bodies and through the clothes we wear that touch our skin and also through any other form of contact activity like touching, sex, kissing and so on.

They also come through our eyes and ears. Pretty much any opening or avenue that exposes the body to external contact

This means any way in which objects can get into us is an avenue for infection and any way they can get out is for sending them back.  

Why computer use affects the immune system

The computer use environment is one of the most toxic exposures of humans to toxicity. Why is this so? For many reasons including the following

  1. There are no regulations requiring high grade materials for computer part manufacturing
  2. Computer light has a high level of artificially generated estrogen mimicking components. This is why we can project images from the computer monitor screen. Without this high level of estrogenic property there would be nothing showing up on the screen.
  3. Computer artificially generated light comes not just from the screen but also the back of the computer itself as it backlights.
  4. Light must pass through water to be seen by the human eyes. This result in the pollution of the water in our environments which is transmissible into us.
  5. Activities involving exposure to light use up a high level of iron without which light cannot be tolerated.
  6. The reduction in iron particularly the ionic pure light form results in a reduced ability for neurotransmitter production and operations. Remember neurotransmitters are light fields
  7. Computer users are generally poor eaters. Some people forget to eat when on the computer even when they feel hungry. This is due to neurotransmitter deficiency
  8. Computer use exposes us heavy metals in a form not tolerated by the body and therefore toxic to it.

The high degree of toxic exposure in computer use really means that computer users need to drink distilled or well or borehole water to avoid overburdening the kidneys and liver. This is important to avoid being misdiagnosed as having liver-related issues such as autoimmune hepatitis or some kidney problem and medicated with dire consequences.

For more information on computer use and the human immune functions please watch our 8 part seminar series to get a comprehensive understanding that may be what saves your life.

If you are a doctor, please realize that many computer use-related issues manifest in ways similar to other more commonly knows issues such as autoimmune hepatitis and so on and are routinely misdiagnosed as such.

What you will notice is that your patient immediately begins to manifest the terrible side effects of the medication you placed them on. They could begin to have diabetes or eye or hearing problems and so on. Instead of prescribing more medication, stop and begin to use the natural methodology you find on this website especially in the webinars. Webinar 3 provides the food element which is critical.

Autoimmune system issues can only be resolved through food and lifestyle changes as they are caused by nutritional and neurotransmitter deficiencies. These deficiencies can only be resolved naturally. Why? Because neurotransmitters are natural light fields that are responsible for operating the human flesh just as light operates the computer you are using now. Food is the only means of getting nutrients from the dust of the earth from which the human flesh is made to it. There is no other way.

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