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 Many of us feel empowered on the internet because we feel a sense of freedom in that we are able to do as we please. This is internet-empowered freedom. It can be harmful. What happens and what are the warning signs and can we avoid it? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

Even though the internet is virtual i.e. an artificial system that is not a real part of nature, the human carrying out the action is real and a part of nature and subject to the laws of nature.

Consequently, there are consequences in our natural lives for all our online activities. Many are surprised to find real consequences for their actions. Cyberbullying could lead to suicide with ramifications for the bully.

Even if you think you got away with it you did not because it is recorded in the database of your heart and mind.

The human is a natural computer and each person has databases in them that record all activities. The body uses this information in its self-repair system. Without databases, it would be impossible for self-repair or healing of any sort to take place in the body as the sequence of activities has to be recorded so it can be reviewed and corrective measures taken according to preprogrammed procedures.

It is just the same as the systems we have on the job and the computer each reader is using right now.

Many believe once they delete something on the internet it is gone forever. That is not the case when you delete something, the system keeps a copy in its archives which form part of the database that is used by the systems logs.

The systems logs are a recording of every action that a system carries out. This sequence is used by the system to carry out its activities. Everything we see on the internet or any other coded system all depends on many repetitive actions and processes. The system keeps a log so it can identify the expected outcome and produce alerts and triggers that help to keep the internet operational.

That is what has helped to crack many criminal cases as forensic professionals can get to the logs to review and audit all activities carried out by the system.

While audit logs can be tampered with, systems logs cannot. Any kind of tampering with the systems logs will immediately crash the system as it will become impossible for the next activity to be carried out because of the gap in information.

If you, therefore, think you are absolutely free on the internet and can do what you like, think again. Your actions have all been recorded. The only way to permanently delete them is for the internet to be permanently destroyed and all the various connected servers destroyed and become nonexistent i.e. no more internet forever.

What makes people think they are in freedom land on the computer? The answer is the mind. When on the computer we use our minds and thoughts in taking a lot of our decisions and so most internet decisions are not based on reality but on what we perceive and the thoughts we receive.

Most internet purchases are spontaneous emotional purchases.

Most people are unaware of one basic fact about the human-machine. The human is an empty shell and has no thoughts of their own but receives thoughts from sources external to it and it is the thoughts we choose to receive and act on that become our thoughts.

This is why many are surprised at the decisions they make on the computer as these decisions are made at the spore of the moment even if we have been preparing for it for a long time. The final decision is spontaneous dependent on the last thought we choose to accept and act upon.

Why is there so much lack of control? Let me help us understand. One of the inherent health effects of computer use is depletion in neurotransmitters, especially the inhibitory ones we receive from natural light which enable us to handle life stresses and choose between good and evil.

That is why for many people the difference between good and evil can become blurred when they are on the internet making them choose to do evil inflicting pain they probably would not do if they were in a face-to-face encounter.

This is one of the reasons why living a virtual life can be very harmful.  It is also the reason you may find yourself being careless in your thoughts, attitude and actions when away from the computer as the depletions do not automatically self-correct when we leave the screen. It starts when on the screen and continues into normal life unless we take time to carry out natural actions that boost those depletions and eat foods that help the body to self-correct for them

Since most people are not aware of these dangers or what to do to correct them, the problem is compounded over time and people can find themselves carrying out strange actions e.g. becoming insensitive to the sufferings of others, unable to empathize, accepting evil activities as normal, becoming violent, planning and carrying out mass murders, and so on.

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This is where I will stop today. I hope I have been able to help someone today.

Next time we will continue with the theme of this blog by looking at the source of our thoughts when on the computer especially when on the internet to help us understand even better.

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