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Is there a link between dental health and mental health? The simple answer is yes. Why? Because the human is a coded system i.e. a natural computer and every part is linked through 2 systems the nerve network and the bloodstream each carrying out its coordinated yet unique function to keep the body active.

Most functions are automated in the system and we have no conscious control over them. Tampering with these activities through drugs, environmental and food intake pollution affects the auto system which comes with a self-repair kit.

When the system is tampered with either voluntarily by for example drugs or exposure to toxic environments such as computer use there is damage that requires more than the normal repair resources to correct. This then overloads the system and there is a need to manually provide additional resources by food intake (i.e. ingesting the right foods that provide the depleted or missing resources).

Because the human-computer is extremely complex we are coded with triggers that let us know that what we are doing is toxic to the system and overusing resources to enable us to choose to reverse course or else choose to provide additional resources.

Failure to correctly respond results in what we call sicknesses, diseases, ailments, and so on. Further the biochemical we call neurotransmitters that provide the body’s messaging system are coded to be an exact balance in the body for optimal performance. When we carry out activities that create an imbalance we have problems on all fronts – the physical body in the form of pain, abnormal growth, digestive issues, and so on.

At the soul level which is where the mind operates, we have mental issues. Every sickness, disease, or ailment has a mental component which is why they make us have mood swings, attitude problems, self-pity, and so on. As we get better and more resources are made available we also feel better mentally.

One of the most important triggers that tell us there is a problem is the state of our mouths from the inside – tongue, teeth, gums, saliva, and so on to the outside – lips, cheeks, and so on.

The sad thing is that we generally are not taught these basic human body systems operational facts and so we are unable to interpret things we see and experience properly.

We just go for cleaning and annual checkups to avoid pain and loss of teeth. We do not associate anything dental with anything else.

The mouth is however the first place of defense it is where most resources get into the system via food, water, and air intake.

It is not only what we actively put in our mouths that get in there, but we also absorb nutrients through our skin right into the bloodstream and we ingest air when we open our mouths.

This has enormous implications for the computer user as our heads are the second closest part of our bodies to the computers we work with. The closest is the fingers we use to type on the keyboard.

Consequently when in the computer use environment through the use of desktops, laptops, cell phones, and so on, we are actively ingesting from the air around us.

What we ingest through our skin and when we open our mouths to talk or yawn etc. is just as damaging as the wrong foods we usually eat when in front of the computer – snacks, soda, cigarettes, alcohol sugars, and so on.

The environment in the mouth which is controlled by the saliva is delicate and is determined by what we ingest from all the sources. This means the toxins that get into our mouths from computer use affect the quality of our saliva which has implications for our mental health as we have said earlier. An imbalance creates a biochemical imbalance that affects the brain and consequently mind function.

Consequently neglecting the foul taste or dry taste we feel in our mouths is not just something for the dentist. It tells us there is an imbalance. When we have gum issues as computer users, this tells us we have a compromised immune system some of which comes from the toxins that come off the various computer parts that compromise our body’s balance with mental health implications.

This is why as computer users you may find yourself developing more and more gum issues even though you brush daily, use your mouth wash and visit the dentist all the time. Even if you avoid teas, coffee and alcohol, sugar, etc. you may still find yourself developing more and more dental issues.

How we take care of our mouths is critical and it takes a lot of work to get it right. There is no easy fix. You need to boost your immune system naturally.

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