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There are various ways to join

  1. Purchase Gold Membership with 1 month free trial  JOIN NOW

2. Purchase any of our webinar series and be automatically granted 1-month free membership

3. Sgn up for Annual Membership at our website with 1-year subscription and receive corresponding membership

4. If you are a member of the Business mastermind group or you are a member of you already have gold membership free as you are a member of these business groups. is the business solution for computer users. It is the business arm of the Wired Life Solutions Center. It is the business solution that provides made-for-you state-of-the-art information, templates, processes in a step-by-step way including providing you with weekly videos you can use each week to turn your business around or maintain your business edge.

Our approach is the value-added approach and we use the Leadership Worldwide Publishing (LPW) platform which is the only value-added proposition platform with a global outreach. It not only teaches but provides the step-by-step solutions to help you achieve or maintain a business that generates millions of dollars in profit month in and month out without resorting to accounting gimmicks.

For Doctors:

If you are a doctor worried about your own health or that of your patients and staff and you want to have a better outcome with your or their health, please join us. We have a special page for doctors that will link you to more comprehensive information. These are the same tools and information that I provided to my doctors. As you have read I am a miracle and a lot of information was provided to me by our maker by His divine revelation.

I have been able to help several people with this information and tools that I now provide to as many doctors as will become site members. There is a lot more I have to share, not yet available on this website that I do not feel comfortable sharing until what is being made available is appreciated and used. Once that is the case,. I will be able to share more.

There are 3 levels of membership for doctors

Individual doctor Membership $15 per doctor

Clinic Membership for all doctors in a small practice (up to 7 doctors: $50 per clinic

Hospital Membership for all doctors I n a hospital:$200 per hospital

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