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…Continued from part 2. The ability to discern right from wrong is an inhibitory system. If the light fields responsible for carrying out these functions are corrupted in their delivery or depleted one will lose the inability to exercise judgment, which is a system of control

What actions are carried out will depend on what the individual has been listening to and watching which is what is stored in the database of the heart.

If this happens to be violent movies or video games or a violent experience or participating in bullying and so on that is what the individual will do for they are now on autopilot.

Consequently, they can scheme and plan but it is an autopilot plan not based on reasoning but auto reaction based on prior activity. They will automatically process things like a game of survival in the jungle as adrenalin and all other excitatory neurotransmitters in the body that are normally inhibited by reason to ensure their action is only directed at real danger is off

Excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, adrenalin, and noradrenalin are overly produced during computer use, which is why we feel excited and empowered and happy and feel falsely in control when on the computer.

It is an adrenalin/dopamine rush much like that of a person on psychedelic drugs and our judgment becomes impaired.

In fact, all computer users are impaired to varying degrees. This is why this issue must be taken seriously. In computer use ignorance is not bliss it is suicide.

It is no ordinary mental problem. It is one that the medical profession that is medication-based is not geared to understand, diagnose or treat.

In fact, the medical profession in our country is yet to fully actively accept the fact that computer use can cause full-scale mental distress. Probably because it does not know what to do with the problem as it does not also lend itself to the normally accepted research methodology but to the study of the code of nature and human-machine user manual we call the Bible or Scriptures for answers, acknowledging our maker and programmer in ways done in bygone days but no longer done in modern times. It would also expose the fallacy of many things we have chosen to accept today as facts though we know they are not so

Computer use-induced health conditions do not have to be insurmountable issues. There are preventive measures we should have put in place before going into computer use. We only considered the monetary aspect and are now paying the price in ways many are unaware of or unwilling to admit.

It is also one of the reasons our healthcare cost is going up due to routine misdiagnosis of illnesses arising from computer use as due to other factors.

Mental health issues is only one of the various conditions that can arise from computer use there are myriads of others including cancer, kidney and liver, heart and other organ malfunctions, eye and lung problems including asthma, allergies, and so on

It is a problem of immense magnitude because computer use is here to stay for in today’s world our lives revolve around computer use which goes beyond desktops and laptops to cell phones, Ipads, iPhones, TV, and so on. Indeed virtually every means of communicating, entertainment, record keeping, and manufacturing, and so on in today’s world is computer-based. The pandemic has in fact made virtual work the norm in many businesses.

Gun control is one of the issues that must be addressed as well as mental health generally but unless the white elephant called computer use induced health conditions is accepted as the reality we will all be ticking time bombs over time.

Some talk about arming the teacher. What if the teacher too becomes so depleted from the computer-dependent nature of his or her job and goes into the fantasy mode shooting all the students, what will be our next line of defense?

Another thing is that some people actually believe that computer use helps people to cope, mistaking the overconcentration that occurs during computer use and which in fact a negative as positive because it keeps the user engaged.

That over concentration is in fact a danger as it is evidence of a loss of control in the level of concentration due to neurotransmitter depletion.

I hope I have helped get us to begin to appreciate the immensity of what we are up against and why we all have to take this opportunity to begin to address this issue seriously before it is too late.

If you have become troubled by what you have read and what the future holds, do not despair remember we are part of a coded system. Consequently, the way out is coded for individuals, groups, and so on. You can find your own way back from the precipice by acknowledging the problem on a personal basis. Meanwhile, understand that the problem is twofold – the spiritual angle related to our relationship with our maker, and the second is a physiological deficiency in neurotransmitters and nutrients that is inherent in computer use that diminishes our ability to make the right decisions for our own good.

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