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A large percentage of today’s drugs that are sold for huge sums are derived from medicinal plants in the tropics especially the Amazon forest. Western countries go to these communities offering to help problems created by the same western countries and in exchange ask for help with solving their health problems.

The governments in these tropical countries are eager to help grant access to local herbalists who provide the pharmaceutical companies with the herbs they need. They pay next to nothing for these herbal plants or in some cases just the knowledge of what in the plant is the medicinal part and how it is used.

The pharmaceutical companies go back and synthesize these medicines in the lab using similar ingredients and maybe changing one item or 2 to other more easily accessible plants or lab-derived alternatives. Based on this they are provided with research and development grants and tax breaks,

Then they carry out experiments to confirm the medicinal capabilities they were told about and now sell this new drug at several times the price of the original. This is the reason the various drugs have so many negative side effects, unlike the original medicine. The original gives life, the derived potion gives a mixture of life, death, and deformity.

No credit is given to the source and these pharmaceutical companies then go back to those same countries and market these derived medicines taking all the money from those to whom they owe everything.

Consequently, the countries with real knowledge and science are sold out by their leaders for imaginary development that never comes. In fact, in many cases, these countries are used to test the efficacy of the derived medicine spreading health issues that never existed in those countries to them.

This method of commerce is contrary to the way commerce is supposed to be done. It does not take care of the earth which is the only function of humans on the earth but destroys it.

When computer users who already have a lot of toxicity in their systems from computer use are also prescribed these medicines, they develop other new issues but the alternative original medicine is never offered to them.

These synthesized medicines hurt for many reasons including the following 4:

  1. The human body is a natural computer much like the one you are working on now coded to self-repair with the use of all natural food/herbal medicine without adulteration
  2. We grow gradually for a reason because that is the way the earth our bodies are made from ca handle human presence. The earth which is the house our maker built for Himself is what is important and at whose convenience we are here. As we have choice so does the earth itself. The earth can reject humans but humans cannot reject the earth.  Consequently healing must be gradual. When we are sick. It is not only a physical sickness and all healing must start from inside out. Healing that starts externally without the necessary biochemical neurotransmitter build up will not last as the body must heal itself. It must accept what we take. If it is not fully compatible, the non-natural part will not be fully accepted and create its own havoc we call side effects.
  3. The body has no life on its own. In fact cells do not talk to each other as the manual we call Scriptures tell us, our bodies are powered by the sould which is given life by the spirit. This soul area commands are executed by light fields we call biochemical. The ones responsible for our activities  are called neurotransmitters. They connect the cells to exh other transmitting words of command of the code of our being into human actions, activities and abilities. What we can or cannot do depend on the level of the presence of the neurotransmitter responsible for that particular action. They are coded to work on natural resources available in a partivular configuration. When the command goes out to apply the medicine, it must be in the state provided for naturally in the code of that item. All laboratory developed items will be left unprocessed which will lead to negative outcomes we call reactions, side effects and so on.
  4. When we take extracts from a herb or food that is supposed to be taken as a whole food, it seems we get away with it at first because it does not go through the digestive and absorption process before reaching the organ it is supposed to work in. However there are things the process it should have gone through is designed to handle to ensure complete healing w. When those things are missing, the healing we immediately felt begins to unwind which we call complications. Which would not have happened had we allowed the system to operate as designed

I hope I have been able to shed some light on why all these modern medicines do not work well for computer used induced health conditions and that it helps you in assisting your doctor with your treatment. Because the main reason for computer use hurt is the violations of our coded way of operating inherent in computer use, the best form of medicine is that which is wholly natural and can provide the deficient neurotransmitters needed to restore the internal environmental balance in our bodies arising from computer use. To learn more about our internal bodily environment and how to balance it, order seminar 5 – balance. your Environment For more solutions and information join us to receive access to more content. Join us today and receive 1-month free membership.

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