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  1. Wash your hands – The age-old advice to wash your hands before eating is very important for computer users as our fingers are constantly coming in contact with harmful germs and microbes from the keyboard which could be harmful if ingested over time.
  2. Have a daily bath or soaped down shower – A shower water rinse is not enough – There are two reasons for doing this. Firstly because we look at the computer screen at close range, the light fields being emitted off the screen to enable us to see the words and graphics we read are constantly magnetized to our skins from where they are absorbed into our bodies. It is important to note that our eyes are not the only way that we absorb light fields, our entire body skin is an entry point. These rays also stick to our skins and if left on they could accumulate and cause damage to the light receptors in our skin. A daily bath or soaped-down shower would be a good idea. Get one of those new body sponges or use a bath cloth to soap down and cleanse the skin. Secondly, the body wash will massage your muscles and help improve circulation issues caused by the sedentary nature of computer use.
  3. Wash your face – Apart from the hands and fore arm, the face is the next closest part of our body to the computer and is in direct contact with the light rays that radiate off the screen regular facial wash twice a day would be a great idea to remove residual chemicals from our faces and to also massage our facial skin and muscles that are fixated for the most part when we are on the computer.
  4. Avoid toxic products in cosmetics and body creams – Avoid increasing your exposure to toxins that could mix up with the toxic chemicals and light fields from the computer to create even more toxic materials that could clog the pores in our skin and affect the light receptors.
  5. Wash you hair – This will provide an opportunity to massage the scalp and improve circulation as well as wash off the toxic chemicals and light rays that accumulate on the hair follicles as a result of the proximity to the screen.
  6. Brush your teeth regularly – Many people may wander what the teeth has to do with it. Because the facial nerves are connected, infection in your eye nerves or the nerves that serve the skin and muscles around the jaw could result in tooth nerve infection. If you are having a lot of tooth nerve pain and other dental issues, this may be why.

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