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If you are reading this, you like me and many others have all gotten used to the world of chaos we all live in today and probably do not realize it is a very, very serious health hazard.

What with global warming, wars and rumors of wars, manmade pandemics arising from human experimental discovery science that violates the code of nature, We have space travel that now not only pollutes the environment on the earth but brazenly pollutes space that is the buffer that helps to regulate the earth’s environment to make it habitable. We have so much space debris from disabled satelites and so much plastic in the seas. Everything is mind-boggling.

Computers are being used not only for manufacturing, business, etc. but now people are marrying or trying to marry robotic creations resulting in many people becoming non-human humans being unable to express human emotions or receive them properly.

Consequently, many do not know how to live on the earth anymore nor do they understand we are here to take care of the earth and what that means.

This results in a lot of moaning and complaining without individuals and groups understanding their own part in the chaos. Our minds are no longer able to process things correctly and we are all frustrated unable to handle or understand reality. We blame our Maker whose instructions we ignore and have brazenly violated and continue to violate unable to repent or change course though we can see the chaos and destructions all around.

Every place and system you look at – food, health, medicine, finance, business, and even personal lives it is chaos and destruction everywhere and we are being required to accept it as normal.

Well, the human system is unable to accept it because it is not normal and nature is fighting back. Humans are doing all they can to stay alive on the earth by doing all they can to destroy the earth and make it impossible for them to stay here. In order words, we are trying to achieve by doing all we can to ensure we cannot achieve.

This means one thing – global self-inflicted mental incapacity. Humans have become mentally challenged to the extent that no one is able to understand their mental challenge and belief all they have to do is go for therapy forgetting that therapy is provided by other humans who are equally challenged.

Therapy is good but all it does for the individual in today’s world is make one realize their own individual problems through the lens of apportioning blame to everyone in their lives.

With this podcast, we will be trying in our little way to shed light on the internal human as well as earthly turmoil. We will try to use these motivational episodes to challenge our ideas and thoughts with the aim of helping us to back away from the precipice we are all on as humans on the earth in pursuit of wealth, a better quality of life, and good mental health.

The following link will take you to the website.  https://precipicedecisiontraining.com/

It is still a work in progress but the first episode should be available next week. We are one week behind.

I hope I have got you excited about the new podcast and look forward to sharing it with all of us.

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