Computer Use Induced Stress

Computer Use Induced Stress




Computer Use Induced Stress
Computer Use Induced Stress

In the current book  Computer Use Induced Stress, Adetutu Ijose in her usual forthright way explains how and why computer use is stressful to the body.

She seeks to help all computer users, their loved ones and doctors gain an understanding of these issues, the underlying reasons why we all feel so stressed out in the modern technology age.

She reveals the overexposure to toxins present in the computer use environment as we go from laptops/desktops to iphones, video games, ipads to cell phone especially when texting and tweeting.

She explains how these unique stresses can be easy misdiagnosed as other more commonly known stresses with dire consequences.

She provides practical solutions on how to problem and how to handle computer use so we minimize these stresses and its effects.

Who knew diet and exercise was important in responsible computer use.

This book is a must for anyone who wants to live successfully in the technological age.

It is important reading for all ages and for both users and medical professionals.

Parents please do not take this issue lightly get this book for you and your children. It is investment well worth it.

This book and all her other books are all available in print and ebook format for kindle and other ebook reading devices.


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