The Health Effects of Video Games

The Health Effects of Video Games




The Health Effects of Video Games
The Health Effects of Video Games

In this  book, Adetutu Ijose once again seeks to bring attention to yet another overlooked health effect of computer use.

This time she seeks to help the video gamer in achieving life balance and understanding the heath effects of their activity thereby providing information to enable the individual take an informed decision and not one based on ignorance.

If you are a gamer or know a gamer or are a potential gamer this book is a must read for you if you want to live a healthy life without your long term computer use becoming a source of self destruction you need to get the information provided in this book.

Many gamers look at gaming as a form of leisure. Unfortunately, it is impossible for gaming to be a form of relaxation as inherent in computer use which gaming really is, is an unnatural stress that is very troubling for the human system and which we are not coded to deal with naturally.

It is important that gamers get this information, as it is not available anywhere else and putting it bluntly gaming is rooted in computer use addiction.

Whether you use a console or television or cell phone for your gaming activity, it is still computer use and it has inherent health effect which you need to know about for your own good.

This information is now available, therefore take advantage of the opportunity provided by this book and avoid becoming a casualty as a result of unnecessary ignorance. Do not allow yourself to be a tool. Take charge.



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