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We will start this discussion by first gaining an understanding of our place in nature as humans and the purpose of science which helps us to understand nature. We will also try to understand why we naturally seek to understand nature.

Science is our understanding of the natural world around us and of our own human bodies and of our relationship with and place in nature as designed by our maker. This knowledge is ostensibly sought and acquired to enable us to carry out our duty of taking care of both our bodies and the rest of nature as designed by our maker.

This knowledge is given to us and we naturally seek it as we try to carry out our duty as the caretaker of the earth. As long as we remember the reason why we are given information and why we should seek it we are on solid ground. When we knowingly or unknowingly forget and think it is all for our own personal or collective reasons as humans we enter the slippery slope of destructive tendencies. We are many times not able to discern these tendencies as destructive until after the destruction is done.

Like any other coded system, ignorance is not an excuse, and the controls put in place will kick into place and nature will fight back to coax or force us to correct our ways. In other words, nature will always self-correct, Correction comes in different ways e.g. what we call history is a corrective force as people who are put in charge or who put themselves in charge are replaced by others.

 Our duty as nature’s caretaker makes us accountable to our maker for the state of things on the earth. We also account for the bodies provided to us for carrying out this function. As long as we remember we have a maker who put us here to work for him and do the work given to us we are on good ground.

When we forget or believe we can wrest control from our maker we get unto shaky group and correction is automatically meted out to enable us to choose to self-correct. When we fail to self-correct then the earth will begin to release natural corrective measures such as global warming, starting from an easy level with increasing levels of difficulty until the offending humans self-correct or are removed out of the way or groups of humans are removed. Natural self-correction is baked into nature.

Nature is so vast and the information naturally available would overwhelm us all without the natural information handling controls in place in the human mind  To prevent information overload and to enable us gradually enter into our caretaker role we as individuals enter into various stages in life with an increasing capability to understand and carry out our function as we grow.

Apart from aging into our personal individual capabilities and function, there are collective societal roles as families, villages nations, etc. To enable these societal groups to function and take care of themselves and nature, there are commercial groupings and systems in place to promote healthy interactions that encourage and empower the various natural groups to function and learn to co-inhabit the earth and take care of it successfully. These activities all work well as long as humans remember they are not in charge and are operating in a coded system with checks and balances that operate automatically regardless of whether humans acknowledge or realize its existence.

Our role and function as children are different from that as young adults, adults, and senior adults. Our level of natural understanding capabilities increases with age and we call this yearly upgrades growing up and maturity.

There are several layers to growing up. There is the physical muscular ability and there are intellectual abilities governed by our minds. These upgrades determine our natural place either as being under the protection of others (as children we are under the protection of our parents, other adults, and older children) or as young adults when we are required to begin to fully take care of ourselves and partially take care of others.

As full adults, we are fully responsible for ourselves and others placed under our custody and we also have greater responsibility for taking care of the rest of nature. As senior adults, we stride 2 worlds. Physically we are both taken care of and may also be taking care of others. Intellectually we enter into the highest level of understanding we will have in life and consequently are supposed to provide advice to the rest of society to help curb the excesses of adrenalin-controlled destructive activities of others lower in the age ranks.

When this natural order is allowed to play out, there are less destructive tendencies as the cautious advice of the seniors helps us temper the destructive tendencies displayed in younger generations. When seniors are not listened to or themselves become impaired so that they contribute to the destructive tendencies, the result is a breakdown in the natural controls put in place by our maker to keep humans under control so they do not self-destroy and/or destroy others in nature on a whim or on a path not authorized in nature.

Since the function of humans is to take care of the earth and its natural systems for our maker, any ideas contrary to this function no matter how loftily described are unauthorized and will lead to destruction whether that is the intent or not.

Why is this so? That is because like any other computer system the success of our ability to carry out our stated role as caretakers depends on our ability to stay within the confines of the natural controls put in place for our good.

When we buck these controls through our choices we end up in destruction as the control exercises corrective measures of checks and balances to put us in our place. Sometimes these controls and corrections are easy to bear sometimes they are not depending on how far out in rebellion the human activity is as the earth is designed to self-protect and self-correct.

A second set of organizational structures designed into the natural system is societal groups of villages, cities, nations, and so on. This grouping is supposed to place us in manageable small groups which then have representation to manage themselves and interact with each other on a larger scale without destroying our small groups or other small groups. We take collective decisions and fulfill our roles as caretakers of nature within these smaller groups.

To ensure groups do not indulge in destructive activities, only adults and senior adults make the collective decisions as they have the natural experience from their roles as parents, guardians, and other personal roles that enable them to understand the requirement of the role of caretaker and are able to curb negative selfish thoughts and ideas in their minds for the sake of the greater collective good.

When groups try to control other groups on the same level in order to exercise controls not naturally granted and which would be destructive to the groups being controlled we have destructive consequences of oppression, wars, and so on.

When groups try to use nature for these negative activities we end up with pandemics, global warming (from space travel), and so on. The auto corrective systems in nature fight back and corrective natural situations are released into nature through the natural controls put in place by our maker to put humans in their place. To be continued in part 2

If you have become troubled by what you have read and what the future holds, do not despair remember we are part of a coded system. Consequently, the way out is coded for individuals, groups, and so on. You can find your own way back from the precipice by acknowledging the problem on a personal basis. Meanwhile, understand that the problem is twofold – the spiritual angle related to our relationship with our maker, and the second is a physiological deficiency in neurotransmitters and nutrients that is inherent in computer use that diminishes our ability to make the right decisions for our own good.

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