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—– Continued from part 1. If you have not read part 1 please go back and read that first to enable you to get a full picture

There is overwhelming evidence in nature that shows us that as humans on the earth we are not currently on good ground. We have collectively forgotten our place as the caretakers and the earth in response had rejected the destruction being offered by humans as a value proposition. How for example does the destruction of the pristine nature of space take care of the earth? It does not. It destroys. The earth is consequently in a self-corrective mode as designed by our maker.

It is not as if we have been left in ignorance with no way of knowing what our maker requires of us as caretakers. We have ignored everything provided in our user manual. Our user manual is in 2 forms. We have the one we call our conscience. We have the natural laws written in our hearts and which we see in nature but choose to ignore. We also have a manual in writing we call the Scriptures which we have abused.

How have we abused the Scriptures? By searching not for our maker and his ways but searching for how we can circumvent things i.e. we search for how we can set up systems that make us feel we are in charge and have wrested control from our maker so we do not have to worship Him or obey his rules to dwell on earth successfully. We fail to recognize that nature is a gigantic computer system and what that means. We fail to relate our knowledge of computers we work with and the controls we exercise over them to our relationship with our maker.

We do this both ignorantly and blatantly waiting to see what our maker will do. It is all written on the pages of the manual. Everything we are experiencing on the earth today is contained in the manual to the letter.

In our foolishness, as humans, the more we understand nature from the manual, the more has been the use of the information provided for unintended and unauthorized purposes. Indeed the destructive activities of humans increase with increasing knowledge.

The more we know the more destructive the consequence of the activities humans have chosen to classify as science. We seek to know more pretending to want to make things better. Once the information is available, human activity predictably follows the rabbit hole of destruction and not the proclaimed intention of doing good or solving problems.

This is the precise reason our maker has kept almost all information about how nature works from humans to protect and preserve everything else in nature as it is obvious many people are unable to handle the knowledge of science responsibly. They get overly excited and instead of using the knowledge for the good of the earth, it is always how to develop a copy in order to see how natural weapons of mass destruction can be developed or how other humans can be deceived into accepting murder in the name of science.

 There are several ways to learn in nature

  1. By experience. This is what we do every day. We have a bodily system that continually upgrades with major upgrades taking place every 12 months that we call growing up. With each new 12 monthly upgrade come additional resources that enable us understand ourselves and the natural world around us as well as other human beings better. We are better able to appreciate the place of humans and our enormous responsibility of taking care of the natural world around us that provides us with the bubble of life we live in
  2. By learning from the experience of others. This we do by learning in various learning environments. Our learning environments start with our home where we learn from our parents, siblings. Friends, relatives and other humans we interact with. This is the foundation and it affects our ability to learn and understand nature for the rest of our lives. To this is added the environment of school from elementary to university/college as we grow up and are able to handle it all. Then we have the workplace which tests our ability to apply what we have learned from home and school and determines our ability to contribute to the wellbeing of nature either as employers of others or as employees or both. To this is added what we learn by interacting with others in the civil society of the village/city/country we dwell in.  We also learn from what we hear about other countries or what we experience when we travel to other countries and learn from being in a foreign land. We add to all the foregoing what we learn from others in the homes we build as adults i.e. what we learn from our own spouses, children and others around us. This lifelong learning cycle is a continuous process on the earth.
  3. A third way we learn is from the result of experimentation of others who are unable to receive divine revelation or unwilling to wait for the timing of our maker in revealing things to us and want to know “now”. Such experimentation usually results in destruction of nature and never solves anything but brings about new problems e.g. development of viruses, space travel resulting in atmospheric destruction and global warming and other climatic changes that destroy. These negative results are the evidence of the fact that these are not acceptable activities to the earth and our maker and are warning from nature to stop such activities to avoid self-inflicted annihilation.
  4. By divine revelation from our maker either directly or through the user manual for dwelling here on the earth we call The Scriptures or both.
  5. Sometimes we learn from others who have also received divine revelations through their books or spoken words or both. 

Nature is a natural computer on whose monitor humans show up. The system is operated by codes spoken into the earth by our maker God.

As a coded system, its operations are cast in stone like any other computer system. Before it could manifest, every decision that its members who would come up in the system and every event, every activity, all software and hardware like the sun, moon and stars its external source of light and energy that would power the system were all coded.

Every obstacle that could hinder its processes and the various scenarios, options, and solutions were put in place, Time was coded in to provide an end time to destructive activities. The activities of humans, animals, plants, and so on were all coded. Everything that could ever go wrong and the solutions to empower the system to arrive at its stated purpose of a holy building for its maker and his children were all coded it.

There is therefore no activity or thought humans can come up with that has not been provided for. Every part of the system has a choice and each part’s choices affect everything else and this has also been coded in.

The easy way and each progressively hard way to arrive at the perfect building have all been coded in. There is therefore nothing new that anyone can come up with. The way in which things will go to achieve the purpose for the earth’s creation in a way that counters any attempt at its destruction by the elements allowed to be in it has been coded.

The earth cannot be totally destroyed but it can destroy all its members and the path to destroying them based on their choices and activities is set in place and cast in stone.

Death, sickness and diseases, extreme climatic activities, famine, and so on are all a reaction from the earth to human choices.

It is time for us as humans to put a hard brake on our destructive activities by choice or else the choice will be made for us as coded. Here I will stop. We have been provided with plenty of food for our thoughts. Let us digest what we have read in this 2 part article.

Please share this article and part 1 with all you know and let us together make a change

If you have become troubled by what you have read and what the future holds, do not despair remember we are part of a coded system. Consequently, the way out is coded for individuals, groups, and so on. You can find your own way back from the precipice by acknowledging the problem on a personal basis. Meanwhile, understand that the problem is twofold – the spiritual angle related to our relationship with our maker, and the second is a physiological deficiency in neurotransmitters and nutrients that is inherent in computer use that diminishes our ability to make the right decisions for our own good.

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