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The Real Threat that Computer Related Health Conditions Pose to Our Global Economy and Civilization

Continued from Part II… I have been writing about computer related health conditions being the silent, ignored global epidemic. Please read on from where we left off in part II

Some people erroneously think they can cope with the issues they have because they go to bed and wake up refreshed the next day. The body will always try to cope until it can no longer do so and then it will crash like a regular computer. Computer related health issues take a long time to fully manifest. The daily symptoms we have are warning signs, which we all choose to ignore believing ignorance, is bliss. Sorry when it comes to this issue ignorance is not an option.

All is not lost. Though computers will always hurt that hurt can be minimized by trying to be in the presence of life containing light as much as possible in such a way that there is enough residual of life to handle our limited exposure to lifeless light without being overwhelmed. From my experience, it is the overwhelming of the soul area where light is seated in us that is the problem. This cannot be medicated.

Two of the many simple measures I have discovered will be to go for daily walks and read with the light of the sun daily. At lunchtime sit outside and read and go for a walk if possible. We were created to be outdoor people constantly replenishing our life light supply that enables us produce biochemicals that run our system and that enable motion and other life and behavioral functions.

That probably explains why the medical profession as a natural requirement for good health recommends being outdoors. It is the way our bodies are coded to operate.

Everyone must be wondering how I have come to the knowledge of this. Make no mistake I am not a medical professional. I am an IT and accounting professional who like everybody else never gave thought to the possibility of my computer use being a health issue until 2006 when I suffered several life threatening consequences of my 20 plus years of intensive computer use the doctors could not diagnose or treat as it all defied any medical logic.

I had such severe issues as comprehension and speech problems, attention deficit, panic attacks, chest pain, heart murmurs, anemia (my doctor threatened me with blood transfusion if nothing changed), lung murmurs (no history of allergies or asthma before then), allergy like symptoms, gall stones, liver cysts, fibroids, dry eyes, vision problem (I could read well long and short distance but everything was blurry anytime I attempted to read off the computer screen), carpel tunnel and tendonitis like pain, insomnia ( I did not sleep for months), serious body pain and so on. I am sure all this sounds frightening. Believe me I was frightened and thought I was going to die. My panic attacks wee so bad one of my doctors advised care as I could pass out and die. All tests showed no evidence of heart trouble.

In desperation, I decided to go to the only source that I knew would have the answer being the basis for our modern technology and from where we learned about codes and how to manipulate electromagnetic fields and how the human code was made to be which enables us develop the computer. I am talking about the human computer user manual we call the Bible. I studied like scientists of old and some modern ones too until I came to an understanding of our human code and was able to identified how my computer use had violated the codes. I was also able to identify various repair kits. After discussing what I had learned with my doctors, I started the slow road to recovery.

Excited as I was about being able to receive my healing by learning what to do my joy was tempered by the fact that it had come too late to save my career. It had taken too long for me to learn what to do. Hence though I can use the computer I cannot handle deadlines. It all has to be at my pace. The IT profession however is fast moving and totally dependent on deadlines unless you are your own boss. There is also very little room for error.

As I saw many others suffering who did not even have a clue about whether they were suffering or why and saw some marriages dissolve and heard tales of kids and young adults being diagnosed as psychotic or depressed from computer use as well as saw many I would consider computer addicts who needed a daily computer fix and were unable to have a normal life but lived in a virtual world, I realized I had been allowed to heal so I could tell others what to do.

I searched several national and international medical and scientific journals looking for how to present the facts in ways people could understand. This led to my writing several books I have written fifteen books on this topic,

I have written fifteen books on this topic all are available at my website by clicking on Shop (US addresses alone) and Book gallery (for all addresses worldwide including US) and at in print, They are also available in print for most ebook readers including ipad, kindle and so on. You can purchase kindle ebook versions from this website (click on “kindle” on the menu tab), but you have to go to the individual ebook store for all other ebook reader versions

I also have several websites and blogs dedicated to this topic including the one you are at right now and several others that have a lot of information, all aimed at educating us all.

I hope you will answer the call to action. I am going to be writing several articles and opinions about this issue. Please read them all and help yourself and all you know. You can be a long-term computer user without self-destroying but you must first acknowledge the need to do something. We therefore need to change the way we have been looking at this issue if we want to remain a healthy prosperous population on earth. Please avail yourself of all the tools, resources and solutions available on this website. You can do it. You can and will be okay.

Tell me about your computer related health issue experience. Ask questions and I will try and help as much as I can. Please remember that you must not self diagnose just look for a doctor who is ready to work with you as you will need close monitoring and some tests to identify what is depleted or missing. These tests do not show everything but are a good starting point. They were for me and could make a difference for you too.

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