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This week I was supposed to write a blog on Ergonomics then along came the news about the latest COVID 19 variant and I knew I had to write something to do my part in putting an end to our culture of promoting an economy based on shedding innocent blood in the name of discovery science and research.

Anything we cannot know unless we shed innocent blood is not worth knowing. The acknowledgment of this which places human life ahead of money is the beginning of the real solution because this is the root of viruses.

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In a nutshell, Viruses are a result of human intervention, wanting to know how destructive the malaria bacteria in the malaria parasite can be made to be. This is done by putting proteins into the bacteria not coded to be in it. These proteins are developed by either tampering with proteins adding or deducting resources. The new protein in the bacteria is the problem as the body does not recognize it. This is the reason why natural anti-malaria drugs work partially. They handle the malaria element but the protein is unknown and the body must get rid of it or be damaged or destroyed by it

This adulterated bacterium is then hosted in mosquitoes or bats or other receptive animals. This is the summary and why we have mosquito factories in many developed countries carrying out this weapon of mass destruction activity.

This is how all viruses – Ebola, common flu, smallpox, etc. were all developed. Then we shout an alarm after the spree of science-induced murders and say we are looking for vaccines.

Why is all this done? I will be blunt. It is because the world has been in abject poverty for about 160 years since today’s developed countries thought it was a good idea to deceive the Benin Empire which alone had the natural technology which is the basis for all we call advancement today into self-destruction.

The deceiving nations felt if they got their hands on the technology they too could get revelation knowledge from our maker and become the source of wealth and be in charge rather than just being a participant. They failed to understand the ways of our maker.

They failed to understand that the reason for the success of Benin (this is a Hebrew word – Son/children i.e. the kingdom of the sons of God) was that it was established by our maker Himself in fulfillment of his covenant to the direct children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Fand could not be stolen, converted or given to others. They failed to understand that the earth and everything connected with it is a computer system designed and coded by our maker for His own purpose which cannot be changed or amended by the members of the system

Consequently deceiving these people into wanting to become like Europeans and calling themselves Gentiles, Africans, etc., making them adulterate their Hebrew language, trying to give their identity to European converts who used to be called Hellenists (in recognition of the fact that they are not born Jews i.e. not a direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but are converted wanting to come under the cover of the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob so they too can enjoy some of the blessings) did not work but brought problems to the Hellenists who till today are suffering the consequences. For more on this go to the member’s page.

As soon as the people turned their backs to the God of their ancestors and took on a God that could not be identified in the Scriptures but was a figment of the imagination of their deceivers and the Levites left their place going into something not established by our maker but by the occult beliefs of their deceivers though they carried the Scriptures, the kingdom was withdrawn and the whole system of the world’ prosperity and commerce immediately fell as no one knew how to handle things. Revelation knowledge was lost and no one knew their way out.

Consequently colonizing the people beyond the rivers of Ethiopia did not yield the desired result. It resulted in global poverty, wars did not turn it around and out of desperation, the nations that had now ascribed the upper hand to themselves, reverted back to the ways of sickness and disease they knew in Europe and looked for a way to monetize that in order to create an illusion of knowledge and prosperity.

This is why today’s technology such as computers, auto, manufacturing, etc. though derived from natural technology looted from Benin cannot solve any problem, does not take care of the earth and is unable to result in true wealth. It is all an artificial illusion that is a bubble that is already on track to burst at any moment

In today’s world, we are told to value money above all else including human lives. We are told that the stock market must be preserved at all costs, the banks must seem to make profits. Consequently, the over 1000 trillion dollars owed from the various crashes including 2008 must be made a footnote in their books because to acknowledge it would wipe out the whole financial system and expose the fact that there is no wealth anywhere in the world.

Contrary to popular opinion deficit financing is actually poverty. If you go to the bank and just keep on borrowing and never pay back a cent of borrowed money but have to continually borrow to even pay the interest. It would be considered a bad loan and efforts would be made to shut down your business.

The various governments of the world have given themselves economic values not backed by anything. No currency is backed by gold or anything of value. Each nation just decides what it wants to spend and meets what it can with taxation and the rest it finances in 2 ways

  1. Borrows what it can from external sources i.e. other countries and their corporate entities who also have no money and are just playing accounting gimmick
  2. The rest it just adds from thin air. Just zeros and some numbers not sourced from anywhere (in some cases, it may say it is borrowing from itself such as social security or its own corporate bodies all of which is a gimmick)

More than 70% of the global economy is generated from this gimmick, mostly from creating artificial demands and supplies of financial instruments using derivatives.

To artificially stimulate production and demand for goods, the pharmaceutical industry is tasked with taking natural products and processes and adulterating them into what is presented as drugs. They and various governmental agencies also develop various sicknesses and diseases. After developing the sickness and disease we pretend to look for drugs and vaccines through discovery-based murder. This makes the global economy one based on the shedding of innocent blood which can only result in more poverty until it suddenly collapses as all the blood must be accounted for and avenged by our maker to save the people that can be saved as the earth and the heavens demand the removal of the perpetrators in order to cleanse the earth.

The current climate change dilemma resulting from space travel is just the beginning. It will accelerate at a rate no one anticipated unless space travel is abandoned. It is a warning to humans to stay out of space.

There is no sickness or disease that there is not a natural cure for, as the earth and all on it is a coded system and cannot go outside of its code without crashing. The fact that we are all still here is evidence of this fact. However, all solutions can only be received by revelation knowledge when those blessed to receive it are operating as coded. Right now they are still in deception, oppressed and unaware of how to get back to where they need to be to operate as the light and salt of the earth they are coded to be.

A commerce system based on killing, stealing, and destroying can never produce real wealth as shedding blood is darkness whereas true wealth is light.  We have an economy based on discovery science. Discovery science is a nice name for murder under the pretext of scientific research Why is it murder? Because it is a deliberate poisoning of humans to see if the poison will kill. This is an attempt to change the natural systems of the earth by humans who have never created anything i.e. trying to bend the system of nature which is light to operate by the code of darkness. This is an impossibility

The only solution is “Let my people go to serve me “as Pharaoh was told. Israel is the name of a people not a country – the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It is by blood and therefore cannot be ascribed to a place where other people are ruling over as we can see it is not working in the Middle East because the people in charge are not Israel so the land cannot fulfill the covenant. Israel in today’s world would be the Benin Empire which has been allowed to be broken to pieces for a while until total restoration by the maker Himself who established it.

What is being touted as freedom today is actually bondage as true freedom releases from darkness so people can operate in the light. It does not promote darkness, corruption, murder, wars, oppression, racism, the occult, immorality, deception, lies poverty, sickness, and diseases, etc. Here I will stop but will provide more information for members on the various member pages on this website.

If you know anyone in a position of authority who can reach the various lawmakers and decision-makers in the various nations of the world, please get this blog to them so we stop all this experimentation, Variants have to be developed. They are being developed as part of the vaccine-seeking venture.

Last year, there was no flu season as that research was temporarily abandoned as all resources went to the new weapon of blood-shedding – COVID. This year some activity has started on that front again. How much blood needs to be shed? When will people get tired of murder and the whole deception of fake development and when will people wake up? Some people are already predicting another pandemic, are they not tired?

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If there is an area of computer use-induced health issues you will like to read a blog about, CONTACT US and we will include it in our list of blog topics.

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