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Technology has had a mostly negative effect on human mental capabilities resulting in a loss of empathy at all ages as well as issues such as light sensitivity that can lead to a loss of career.

Computer use addiction is another major factor with brain function-altering consequences that can be very devastating for all ages especially children and young adults whose brains and emotional capabilities are still in the developmental stage.

Humans now have such a short attention span that many adults are still in the adolescent stage emotion wise evidenced by the game shows and movies they choose to watch. The films that make the most money are marvel and Disney films that turn the television shows watched as children into   films.

This has the danger of keeping adults forever in childhood mentally and emotionally so they are unable to make rational decisions as matured adults.

Today adults drive toy car replicas as sports and never have to grow up since the cartoon characters they watched as kids are now movie characters they can indulge in watching.

Star Trek and other space travel fantasy-based films all exploit this tendency in adults to want to continue their childhood as adults.

This leaves today’s kids with inadequate and inefficient parenting. The result of all this is what we face every day as today’s kids are becoming more and more violent. Meanwhile, their parents watch as violent movies, what their children watch as cartoon characters on Disney and other children’s channels. No one understands that there is a consequence for maturity if you are always surrounded by your childhood.

With all emphasis on economic gains, there is little hope for a reduction in this assault.

When people find themselves unable to make the decisions at work based on the facts presented and find themselves basing their decision on childhood movie characters, they are unable to identify this as a problem or warning sign of maturity risks because it all feels so good and everyone is in on the game.

All this makes it difficult for people to develop the toughness required in difficult interpersonal relationships off and on the job with dire consequences for family cohesion.

The constant motion in movies stimulates the mind’s demand for continual change which should reduce as people grow up, In today’s world being an adult is just a higher level of attention deficit and self-absorption.

Consequently for many people attempting to talk to them about issues involving others invariable results in them turning around and complaining about their own problems rather than empathizing with others. This is a result of a deficiency in the neurotransmitter balance required to show empathy for others.

Social media which is an artificial environment developed to allow people to retain communications with others especially loved ones have become thoroughly abused.

They have become avenues for people to seek attention as adults as they did when they were children

Many cannot see themselves in the way I have analyzed things because we are all abusers of social media, many using it as their sole source of communication gradually becoming unable to operate as natural humans who speak to each other face to face in an honest manner resulting in many living 2-3 lives one of which is entirely in their minds. Conveniently analyzing everything to make themselves look and seem good regardless of the reality.

Here I will stop, I hope I have helped in getting many of us to stop, take a deep breath and rethink things when it seems everyone is an enemy or not doing enough. Many of the problems are entirely ours or both ways and not solely with the other person.

Let us remember that computer use makes us self-absorbed and we need to make the effort daily to unwind our emotions.

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