The Healing Effects of Speech

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Words are the basis of existence. By the words of our Maker, the code that manifested the earth and its heavens were written and spoken into the environment of nothing.

The electromagnetic fields of the light of nothing operated the code to bring forth what we see.

The conversion was made from the realm of nothing into the physically visible realm.

These objects of the physical realm are operated by electromagnetic light fields we humans refer to as neurotransmitters which activate the objects through pathways we call nerves in humans.

The same neurotransmitters operate in all things in nature humans, plants, the air, water, animals, and so on.

Consequently, all of nature is connected by the network of neurotransmitters. The system of nature is therefore a sociable system of co-dependence.

Nature is an extremely sociable system. Birds fly together, animals move around together. Even the quality of eggs laid by the chicken is affected by their being able to walk around and relate to other chickens.

The system was designed for dependency to prevent any one species or being from destroying everything else. Self-preservation means one has to keep alive everything one needs to stay alive

This was the premise for Noah’s ark. He was instructed to keep members of animal and plant species in order to reestablish the natural codependent on the earth necessary for life here.

Let’s consider an example – humans need oxygen but produce carbon dioxide while plants need carbon dioxide but produce oxygen.

Consequently, because operating computers produce carbon dioxide thereby reducing oxygen availability, having green indoor plants is one of the best ways of improving oxygen availability in a computer use environment. The plants use up the carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen needed to rebalance the air in an environment where computers are operating.

Words are the bedrock of social engagement. Speech is light it cannot be seen only heard. It is however very powerful and is responsible for actions. Speech can be audible internally and externally or internally only.

Our thoughts are speech we hear only internally. The words we say to each other are heard both internally through our thought processes and externally through our ears.

What we hear therefore affects us both internally and externally.

Words are the basis of a coded system. Codes are words and the visible system such as nature which humans are a part of are the result of operating codes. It therefore would seem that spoken words would be very important for our wellbeing as they would support the activities of the code of existence.

Consequently, when we hear words of joy, encouragement, good news, and so on we are empowered to operate in a healthy manner but if the words we hear are negative then we are negatively affected why? Because our nerves that control our feelings, sense of being, and actions are powered by words of light fields we call neurotransmitters that can decrease or increase in volume.

The volumes of these word light fields in us determine what actions we can carry out. These volumes can be affected by other words we receive in our minds from thoughts and from the spoken word.

This is why if we have people speaking pleasant words around us it helps to lessen the effect of unpleasant circumstances we may find ourselves in.

This is also why familial relationships are important and why we need to keep them at peace and pleasant as much as possible.

It, therefore, means that we are not the sole factors important in having a good quality of life, the people we have around us and their own words and quality of life is also important

Speech would therefore seem to be a detoxifier. It removes the toxic darkness when it is a speech of love, kindness, compassion freeing the mind, heart, and body of the hearer from the darkness of negative speech.

Our manual which we call Scriptures tells us that we should seek after love as it is the highest and most powerful force. It reveals our Maker who put everything together based on love and coded everything to work effectively and seamlessly based on love because that is how He operates.  Speech is light it is laden with pure water and nourishes us internally. We feel better and okay when we hear good words and patched and dried up when we hear negative speech

Speech-based on love destroys darkness and can bring about healing. It is medicine to the soul.

It has to be protected and consistent. It destroys darkness which consequently seeks to deceive people into not operating in love in order to corrupt and poison the internal human system of the hearer of dark speech. The solution is to respond in love speech which automatically dissipates the darkness and renders it useless.

Love is not equal to sex as many humans have chosen to deceive themselves into believing contrary to the definition of love established and coded by our maker which is the definition the code of existence operates with.

Human unwillingness to subject themselves to the definition of the writer of the code is responsible for many of today’s problems as humans have refused to acknowledge the fact that because they are coded beings only the definition of the code matters and their own individual and collective rebellious definition will only result in self-annihilation.

The toxic nature of the computer use environment makes hearing love laden speech critical to the mental health of computer users

 The darkness that binds itself to and corrupts the neurotransmitters we receive is eliminated through speech. The activities carried by our organs in digestion, immune system protective activities, and so on produce by-products that must be eliminated to keep us healthy physically and mentally. The body eliminates this darkness through speech, through the breath of our nostrils, and when we pass gas, and when we urinate.

That is why constipation is so destructive to our mental health and not just our physical bodily functions. Avoiding constipation is good for the soul.

The importance of speech is why we are created to be part of families. When we do not speak we hold in the dark matter that corrupts our neurotransmitters further and we are not refined

This is the basis for the success of therapy. Through it, the dark matter of pain is removed so joy and gladness can prevail.

When dark matter is kept in, it results in one being unable to hear words of light and we then become propelled by evil thoughts of revenge and self-pity resulting in danger to ourselves and others.

Consequently, without speech, there is no emotional healing and without emotional healing no true healing

This is why we must have compassion for the dumb and those who cannot hear. They suffer immensely because they have to find a way to compensate for speech. It is part of the reason for the violence and the stubbornness they sometimes seem unable to control. They are unable to express it.

This is really why therapy helps with mental health including computer use induced health conditions as the corruption of the computer light is ejected out more. Most computer use-induced health conditions are not easily put into words. Why? Because they do not match the data conversion table of our systems. We are unable to put words to it unless someone says it then we recognize it and are able to deal with it.

The only problem is that in dealing with this natural problem only natural resources can work which is why these issues seem so difficult to handle in a system dependent on prescription drugs not coded for natural resolution of these issues.

Computer use-induced health conditions are basically the effect of placing ourselves in conditions contrary to our natural way of being. Like any other computer, if you put unauthorized software or hardware in the system, it will be damaged.

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