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COVID 19 should be worrisome for all, especially for computer users. Why is that so? That is because computer use is inherently harmful to humans and is one of the highest causes of exposure to harmful toxic materials we have on the earth today.

This means all computer users are a high-risk group for infection because of the preexisting condition of immune system compromise inherent in computer use. The good news is that many of us now try to exercise more, eat better and we as a routine wash our hand and faces several times a day because it makes us feel better. We are aware our computer keyboards and monitors gather dust and a lot of germs.

Further, the imbalance in the computer use environment makes many of us sneeze and experience allergy and asthma resembling ailments already and we have been trying to find ways of resolving that, covering our mouths when sneezing especially when others are around.

Now we have to add social distancing and where it is required to mask up. In areas where vaccines are required we add that to it. It is however important to not only follow all the protocols, but it is also important to know what we are dealing with, to understand it ourselves, and to know how to protect ourselves.

Even if you are fully vaccinated and get a booster shot you cannot afford to be careless. Why is this so? There is a double whammy of high-level toxicity from computer use and COVID 19 that make computer users sitting ducks for some very bad health issue. These issues may not be readily observable right now. The full damage being done may take some time before it becomes fully visible.

The good news is that being human computers in the natural system of nature, everything is coded and a path is already in existence for escape. We only need to find it in nature.

A coded system for it to operate and achieve the end product of its programming must have in place all the scenarios it will come across and the solutions before it is put in place.

Indeed a coded system must have a beginning and an end before it can run. If it comes across anything in the process not provided for in the code it will be stuck and unravel or get stuck and stop functioning and collapse.

The fact that all our negative human adventures of experimentation that have resulted in the development of COVID 19 have not brought the world to a standstill and sudden collapse means it is already in the code. It was one of those things anticipated that humans would get themselves into and there is a workaround its ability totally annihilate. Our maker already has everything covered.

It may totally destroy the economies and make us all face the truth about ourselves and the make-belief environment we have globally come up with that has no chance of surviving for long anyway. We will survive as many as take things seriously and take care of ourselves and others. It boils down to the individual, family, groups, and governmental decisions.

On this website is a page COVID 19, that provides true thorough information on the origin of parasites, bacteria, and viruses, their interrelationships and what we can do to prevent ourselves from being seriously hurt by COVID 19, what to do if we are infected and how to treat long COVID which is especially worrisome for computer users.

Our ability to attain and maintain a high level of immune system health is the key. It is our immune system that is affected and destroyed by COVID 19. It is also our immune system that must fight with and get rid of the virus and its bacteria and parasite hosts which are all toxins

Join us to learn more about this and many other computer user health-related issues including light sensitivity, eye issues, respiratory issues such as asthmas and allergies, cancers, fibroids, depression, and so on. All these issues are all addressed on this website. The page title on the menu does not necessarily portray all the information on the page referenced. Actually getting to the pages will reveal the depth of information and solution and tools available.

This is truly the only place to find solutions that actually work. Please also watch our seminars and avail yourself of all the help provided and get others to join us.

Until next time stay safe.

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