Understanding the main causes of today’s out-of-control global warming and its mental health implications

Global warming is everywhere and moving faster than predicted. We are already surpassing temperatures predicted for 2050 in 2022. Why are all the things being done by the various governments not working?  

The answer is that we are identifying, prescribing and applying the wrong fixes. Instead of arriving at solutions, we are arriving at more problems in every area of life.

We have mental health issues, cancers, pandemics and all sorts of sickness and disease and violence and every form of immorality and darkness on the rise globally.

This is what we have funded with global deficit financing in a bid to outdo each other. We now have total chaos only our maker who we have rebelled against can get us out of.

To begin, I googled the definition of global warming and got several but the one I found most interesting was this one

“Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth’s climate system observed since the pre-industrial period (between 1850 and 1900) due to human activities, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in Earth’s atmosphere.”

To really truly understand global warming, however, we need to understand what determines the earth’s temperature. To do this correctly and not based on human conjecture which changes all the time, we will look at what our manual provided by our maker who alone put the natural computer system of nature in place. Like any other system, only he who designed and wrote the script of the code knows it.

He alone can tell us the purpose of his creation and tell us about every part of it.

Every other so-called source of knowledge will fail and will keep on changing because it is based on human ignorance as the human is designed to operate in obedience and total reliance on our maker this is what takes care of the earth as we were designed to do. Our obedience obliterates darkness and heals the earth..

The manual which we call The Scriptures tells us that the sun and the moon are temporary sources of energy that operate and maintain the system of nature until they are replaced by the maker with a permanent light source that actually obliterates darkness rather than contain it as the sun and the moon do or cover it as they have the capacity to do.

Consequently, whatever temperature we have or whatever is happening with regards to our climate, these 2 temporary energy sources control and are responsible for it.

The question now becomes why the sun and the moon would enforce such a phenomenon as global warming upon the earth that could annihilate every human. The Scriptures give us a glimpse.

The reaction of the sun and moon are based on human activity. When human activity challenges their authority or becomes a danger to other parts of nature they are required to check human activity to beat back human aggression and bring things under control by providing warning signs to humans to cease and desist from these offensive activities.

What are the warnings about? The warnings are to let humans know that their activities are not acceptable to the earth, are unauthorized, and are promoting darkness rather than obliterating darkness. The warnings also tell us that the earth is protesting and is about to request the removal of some or all in a bid to self-protect against the impact of increased darkness. The warnings are provided because it is the earth that carries all of nature and must choose to continue to carry the various parts.

Further, everything including humans, the sun, and the moon is here to take care of the earth by operating actions and activities that promote the light of righteousness and that obliterate and removes the darkness of evil, wickedness, disobedience/rebellion against our maker, violence, immorality of all kinds and so on.

The main culprit for global warming is space adventurism, one of the only activities that humans have not blamed for global warming because they do not want to stop it though it is killing everyone. They call it advanced science and use it to justify deficit financing because no one can afford it.

It is used by nations involved to ascribe advancement to themselves in a bid to get others to agree to accept flawed science as fact and establish a superiority that does not exist in order to establish an economic order in rebellion against that established by our maker.

This is the main reason everything is at a precipice today, as it is a plan that was already rejected and nullified before it was established. Humans have no authority or power or ability to establish anything on their own. It will automatically be rejected by the earth and the process of making such an order nonexistent is automatically triggered by the desire and determination of humans to establish it. There is only one boss – the Maker.

Here are the main human activity causes of global warming. While discussing them we will consider some issues popularly defined as causes but that are not as they are natural processes coded with nature that are actually some of the solutions to the myriads of health issues associated with global warming especially mental health as global warming causes us to use up more iron than normal to handle the high temperatures and still be computer use based..

1. Space adventurism: This accounts for over 90% of the problem. Why is this so? Let us explore the answer. We have said that the atmosphere of the earth and its heavens are maintained in a habitable state naturally. Being a system the complexity of which the human mind is not equipped to even be able to guess at, it has a lot of redundancy.

 This enables the innumerable activities going on simultaneously to take place without glitches or system issues like slow running, crashes, or contentions for resources between the innumerable members of the system of nature.

This redundancy enables the sun and the moon to circulate and fix the air on the earth in a continuous way throughout the day and night. Air is moved up and repaired and returned back down continuously providing a continuous balanced atmosphere on the earth. It goes through auto cleaning.

Every activity in nature that naturally produces carbon and breaks down hydrocarbon no matter how much is coded and provided for and therefore not a cause of global warming no matter how much humans in their ignorance want to claim it is so. Everything coded to emit carbon naturally is a part of the system and is only playing its own part the loss of which will be devastating to everything in nature.

Accusing cows of being the cause of global warming is therefore wrongheaded as they exist in nature to produce carbon. Cows must be left alone to graze. Their carbon emission is required in nature. It is a natural process coded into the system. It is not unauthorized human activity malware. The whole natural system is a precise system designed to sustain life here on the earth’s surface.

The first object launched into space was in Europe by the Soviet Union in October 1957 and since then it has been a competitive race between the Europeans and the US. In more recent times many Asian countries and some countries in the Middle East have joined in this activity.

It is also clear that the fast melting of the Artic and Antarctica icebergs and other evidence of the heating up of the environment correlates with the commencement of space travel and as it has increased so has global warming. Nobody needs any research to see this we are all feeling it and can see how things have changed from year to year. Waiting for some research to tell us what we can see and feel is deception. It means we are looking for ways to spin the obvious.

As we have said, the sun and the moon provide the energy for all the activities and control both the temperature and the climate, and are responsible for maintaining the earth’s atmosphere in a habitable state. The chemical configuration of the habitable is known to our maker alone we only guess at things.

We do not know all the natural chemicals that exist but everything i.e. the air, water, animals, plants, humans and so on all have all the natural chemicals in them in various forms and combinations in the visible physical and unseen soul and spiritual levels to automatically form the various objects and we are all coded to be connected.

The atmosphere of nature is an automated system that works in accordance with the code designed and put in place by our maker. Everything is made to auto-heal and correct itself naturally. Unnatural things are not coded with nature as they will not be complete spirit, soul, and physical and will therefore operate as malware in the system that can only be removed by consuming excessive resources.

Their presence automatically triggers a reaction from the sun and the moon and ultimately the earth to begin a process of removal of the source of the offending objects and repair of the system when the damage gets to a predetermined level. This is why sometimes it seems we are getting away with something when we are not. Some things are not responded to immediately.

 Some things take time especially if the only solution is the removal of the offending object which humans tend to falsely interpret as acceptance of their bad behavior despite reading in the manual that their activities are unacceptable. They choose to listen to angelic voices telling them it is okay unaware of the ulterior motives of angels who only get to operate when bad behavior is judged. It is in their interest therefore to get humans to misbehave. Warnings are sent out which increase with intensity in a bid to save the offending objects.

Humans have chosen to ignore the fact provided for us in our manual that the sun and moon control the atmosphere. We also ignore the fact that it tells us that those who wanted to indulge in space travel thousands of years ago were stopped by their language becoming diverse so they could not understand each other.

Now we have all chosen to understand each other again and have immediately gone back to the old ways that were rejected as stated to us in our manual for living here on the earth. We have chosen to run a space race to see who can go farthest and turn space travel into a money-making venture.

No one is talking about the effect on space atmosphere and consequently the atmosphere here on the earth. Many assume that because space is vast it will somehow absorb everything and not affect us below. Our own activities are worse than the ones rejected years ago. If they were rejected what makes us think we will be accepted.

This is willful ignorance. If emissions from aircraft affect the air how come we expect that space travel will not? This is willful ignorance. We did not create nature, have no control over it, are only recipients of whatever takes place in nature, and have no say whatsoever.

We classify birds and other animals as well as plants as endangered species and prohibit release of processed hydrocarbons around them as much as we can. How come we cannot see that we are endangered species from the same processed hydrocarbons.  

Since it is said that burning hydrocarbons – mainly petroleum generates all sorts of chemicals for producing the various objects that are not broken down in nature but that create pollutants that have made our foods and drinks and our home environments into cancer-causing traps, how does it make sense that polluting space environment with hydrocarbon fuel and gases emitted from space adventurism would be without consequence since such chemicals are not naturally present in that environment?

2. Space junk: I have read in various articles and heard on the news that we have over 25,000 satellites in space but that only 2,500 are functional. That is a lot of junk and many are getting very worried about a collision with the space station and rockets that go into space.

No one is wondering how so much junk and its toxic emissions and production materials are cooking up the earth’s surface.

Obviously, countries that have no satellites above them tampering with the various light rays reaching them will enjoy more stability in temperatures and weather patterns although everyone affected it is in varying degrees.

There are more earthquakes and tsunamis and so on in the various nations involved in space adventurism and who own most of the satellites. There have been a lot of concerted efforts to stop people from being alarmed.

I remember one year though I am not sure the exact year, we were informed by the government and news media that a satellite was on its way down. It was no longer functioning or responding to commands.

When it reached the earth’s surface we were informed some pieces had been found in the Atlantic and some in the pacific but nothing on dry land. Though that makes so sense people chose to accept is for the sake of their sanity since individuals have no say in these matters and people wanted to be part of advanced science no matter the cost.

3. Chemical/Industrial/Nuclear plant Emissions: The third culprit in descending order of culpability. This is the emission of gases and chemicals byproduct from various manufacturing activities. The manufacturing processes even if classified as green are not compatible with nature and actually destroy natural processes that are trying to emulate.

Since we are natural computers naturally wired and coded operating with natural energy sources that do not need further processing, it is impossible for our nature-destroying manufacturing to be without consequences for our very lives.

As we discussed earlier the atmosphere is kept habitable by keeping the various components of the air in a predetermined coded ratio by our maker which the sun and moon maintain through naturally coded and maintained automatic processes at unseen levels that are manifested as the air we breathe.

Anything that affects these ratios in any way shape or form will be a problem resulting in global warming, climate change, and so on. It is impossible for us to help this natural process we can only destroy it.

4. Emissions from Vehicles: A lot of the effort to reduce what humans have chosen to identify as the cause of global warming has been attributed to vehicle emissions and a lot of effort has been put into making cars that do not rely on fossil fuel. The electricity being used is not directly from sunlight but from some polluting industrial activity.

Even solar panels and windmill parts require heavy industrial polluting activities for their production. Anything not naturally occurring in the state in which we use it will require industrial processing and will pollute. We may actually soon start saying that green Consequently, though the car itself may be producing fewer hydrocarbon emissions, it is using electricity from big polluters including petroleum. The petroleum is just not put directly into the vehicle. 

Natural sunlight in the environment without further processing is the only pollution-free source of energy. Every other source including hydrogen requires heavy industrial activity and affects the atmosphere creating an imbalance in the chemical composition of the environment. In addition to direct industrial activity, there is also the activity required to make the motor parts as well as the parts of the various green energy solution-producing industrial plants.       

In summary, obviously what we call science and advancement is regarded as destruction in nature and is unacceptable. Everything we are trying to achieve has a natural solution. Many were provided to the Benin Empire which is the source of many of our rockets, planes, cars, hydrocarbon burning, fusion science, and so on but in today’s world, these things are not understood as they are being produced without the go ahead of our maker who needs to link things up with nature before they can work seamlessly with nature.

These people did not bring to fruition what had been revealed to them as they had not been given a go-ahead but others who stole the technologies felt they were smarter and have gone ahead with dire consequences that can only be reversed by going back. There is no way forward. That is the message of global warming.

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