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Many people like the idea of humans traveling to space. What if space adventure is the main cause of global warming causing the earth to become an oven because of the pollution of space air?

Why would this be so? That is because the whole of nature is a giant natural computer. It is one large self-sustaining system with a lot of redundancy to accommodate the uncountable number of simultaneously occurring activities.

The earth is the Central processing unit where all the processing, storage, database, and software reside. The ornaments that make it beautiful such as humans, plants, and so on are manifested on the monitor of the bubble of water in which it is encased. Humans however have no access to the processes. Humans are the product of one of the software running in the earth’s system

This perfect system was designed by our maker to be self-sustaining with humans as caretakers of whatever shows up on the monitor.

This means humans and everything else in nature are in existence for the sake of the earth. Consequently, humans do not have the authority or ability to control things and depend on the benevolence of the earth and our maker who has placed us here to take care of the earth’s monitor. We are not allowed to tamper with things as we do.

Space belongs to the earth and our code of existence which we call the Scriptures is clear about the fact that the environment we call space is there for the sake of the earth to provide light to the earth.

Humans are supposed to be the source of internally generated light while the sun, moon, and stars provide external light.

Being a coded system, the earth can only operate as coded and something that just shows up on the monitor like humans have no sat or control but are expected to operate in accordance with the design of their software which is limited tin the case of humans to caring for the ornaments that show up on the monitor. Space is outside of this realm of operation.

The space environment is naturally tranquil and pure. The air that blows on the earth is recycled and cleansed by space air as we share the same air with the sun, moon, and stars. The distance from the earth ensures that activities on the earth can be dispersed and cleansed as it rises up and comes down as the toxic chemical activities we can out here are naturally absent in space. This buffer helps to keep the temperature here on the earth stable controlled by the activities of the sun moon and stars.

Space travel disrupts that tranquility as it introduces toxic chemicals that are a problem here on the earth into space not coded for the presence of such chemicals.

This has a negative effect on the recycling capabilities of space air which has to first self-protect and cleanse itself from these chemicals. This hampers earth environment cleansing functions.

The fact that 2020 which saw a great reduction in greenhouses gases and other pollutants we normally hold responsible for global warming saw a rise in global temperatures rather than a decline is telling.

This means that global warming cannot be addressed until space travel ceases. This is something the nations of the earth should pause to consider. It may mean that to preserve life on earth space travel must cease.

To try to achieve a cessation of warming in any other way will not work as this is a coded system and only our maker knows it or understands it or its workings. Trying to outsmart it is not a good idea and a recipe for annihilation.

Before a code can run, it must have a beginning and an end and an end product or process. Everything it can possibly encounter on its way to fulfilling the purpose of its being must be coded in it to avoid crashing as it can only operate as coded, If it encounters anything not provided for it will be unable to continue and will crash.

The fact that humans are still on the earth is evidence of the fact that the current unauthorized activity of space travel as a rebellion against the coded process in the earth’s system was anticipated at the time of its coding and we may all be in for a very unpleasant awakening if the current trajectory does not change.

In fact, the earth can reject humans but humans cannot reject the earth. The earth can get rid of humans; humans cannot get rid of the earth.

We may want to pause and think twice about the consequences of all this space travel particularly since now we see that space is not just there it serves a critical purpose in maintaining the earth as a conduce environment for dwelling in.

Since there is nowhere to go is it wise to continue to cry fire when we are the arsonists baking the surface of the earth and destroying the monitor that we depend upon to manifest on the earth?.

This does not seem to be in agreement with the recorded function humans were created for. It was to take care of the earth. Certainly destroying it is not a way to take care of the earth.

This blog has been written to call attention to the current trajectory. Unfortunately, individuals not in governmental positions have no way to stop the current trend therefore if you are reading this blog and are in government or know someone in government you need to get this blog across to them as a matter of urgency. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please contact me through our contact us page and forms.

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