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The first occupation given to adult humans was gardening. Consequently, this is what we are coded for and our bodies were coded as adults to be replenished through this activity. This activity helps to replace the missing exercises from playing around all day we have as children. The exercise of play is replaced as an adult with the exercise of work.

It is because our work does not provide this exercise that we supplement with gyms and weight lift and so on. As children, we exercised through play for 12- 14 hours non-stop and we gradually shrink this as we grow up until we hardly exercise at all. No wonder we become ill as we mismanage the body and expect no consequence.

If you do outdoor gardening you will find yourself loving life again if you were depressed and able to handle the challenges of life better

It is easy to see why, when gardening we exercise every muscle and every nerve in the body. There is no unused part. Consequently, the body loves gardening outside. It helps to reverse the damage done to the body’s system by sitting in from of the computer all day an activity that uses few muscles and all the nerves creating conflicts and imbalances and contentions.

Apart from the exercise, we are in direct contact with balanced outside air unlike the automatic imbalance of the computer use environment.

We also get to replenish the inhibitory neurotransmitters that help us handle life’s stresses which are on automatic depletion mode in computer use.

Outside we are able to absorb the ionic forms of the various minerals from outside ai. No wonder we feel great and smile a lot and feel content after gardening/. The body is operating as coded and goes into automatic self-repair mode.

After gardening sleep is easy as all the muscles are relaxed and there are no tensions. Gardening promotes good thoughts because we are in the presence of light that helps to keep all dark thoughts of negativity away.

As an added bonus the product of gardening is fresh food to replenish the body’s nutrients as long as what we plant is natural good seed and not GMO and the soil we plant them are natural and naturally fertilized.

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