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Children who are in the growing stage when they are building the neurotransmitter that will be the foundation of all their activities for the rest of their lives should not as a matter of course be given today’s synthesized psychotic medicine.

People may say it seems to be more prevalent today. There are 2 reasons for that

  1. Everyone is looking for the short cut at the expense of life
  • Using the traditional natural method is slower. Why is this better for children? Because it works with the body’s growth process to ensure the building blocks of neurotransmitters are built without interference. Modern medicine does not understand or appreciate this. It promises instant solution. The body does not grow instantly but it is progressive. That is how all issue that relate to the body is designed to operate. Anything that does not respect the code of human existence is a recipe for future troubles.

The earth on whose monitor human show up requires gradual processing of issues. That is because of the weakness of the earth as our user manual we call the Scriptures to tell us. It tells us that in the beginning when the word of code of the Heavens and the earth was spoken into the nothing of creation, the earth and its heavens could not be seen only the water that would be its monitor could be seen. The earth was just dust in the water and darkness was at the bottom preventing the earth from receiving light to become itself. The earth had no way of overcoming the darkness on its own to come forth though it had been created.

A subcode had to be spoken into the earth itself to empower it to be. It took 6 days of hard work coding as the words used in Hebrew to describe this process indicates,

These issues should be handled with diet and sports exercise and lots of walking, gardening, and other outdoor activities to enforce a lot of sunlight exposure which will naturally stimulate the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters. Where medication is necessary it should be all-natural forms of medications that are whole foods. There have always been hyperactive people on the earth. In the tropics where we get most of the natural medications that were used of old, there are ways children were handled. That is what we must go back to.

It takes national medical practice choosing life over profit for this to be done. Parents worried about their children and at their wit’s end are taken advantage of because they are desperate for their children to be okay and have no understanding of the situation

Maybe the doctors also do not understand the consequences of giving growing children these drugs . These drugs disrupt the natural growth process. This prevents the code of the children operating from the earth’s system from achieving the full capacity of physical accomplishment determined for the child as the excess activity neurotransmitters will settle as the child grows up and is involved in several other things the body uses specific neurotransmitters for.

The human is spirit soul and body. When you take synthesized drugs you disrupt the physical which is the weakest and only level affected by synthesized drugs as they cannot stimulate the production of living neurotransmitters. You are only able to affect the distribution of what is normally produced. Consequently synthesized drugs always have emotional side effects as they cannot be fully used by the soul and spirit level where the real decisions are taken. That is why people on these medications do not like how they make them feel. There is a conflict between the spirit, soul, and physical levels. This results in a feeling of not being in control

 It is the activities at the spirit and soul levels that are manifested through neurotransmitters. That is where the messaging comes from through the mind to guide the heart in its decision-making so that its decisions are in line with the code of the individual as determined by our maker for the purpose of taking care of the earth.

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