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… Contd. from Part I. We are all in the world today at a crossroads of grave decision-making and mental health deficiency yesterday’s adults who made the decision that led to today’s adults’ poor decision-making never anticipated.

Today’s adults due to their own flawed decision-making capabilities are building negatively on the issues identified in part I. If you have not read part I please do so now HERE.

In part I, we identified 3 decisions that yesterday’s adults took placing the pleasures of economic greed above human lives without consideration for how these decisions would affect yesterday’s children who became today’s adults. We are all experiencing the consequences in several ways including non-health-related issues such as high death rates from non-war-related violence in some countries, especially gun-related deaths for children even for those below 5 years. I have read that most children who die from gun violence die due to shots from their relatives even other children.

Another depressing news is the fact that there are reports of children as young as 5 years old suffering strokes and other nerve function malfunction issues arising from severe neurotransmitter deficiencies. They are suffering all these issues at the buildup stage where they are not yet using a lot of these neurotransmitters at excessive levels due to the responsibilities of adulthood. What is happening here?  

Many of yesterday’s adults are no longer with us while many are still here. I have however never heard any of today’s elderly blaming their generations for today’s problems. They blame today’s adults unable to admit or see what they had done and consequently, today’s adults are unable to correct themselves as no guidance is provided by our elders who are unable to or are unwilling to take responsibility.

This shows us how difficult it is to address issues at the roots once we get past being the decision-making generations and become the elders who need to be taken care of. Consequently, we are today at a level of cumulative generations of the consequence of economic greed.

In part I, we considered 3 decisions that yesterday’s adults took that have or are directly affecting today’s adults and are resulting in deaths for today’s children.

1. Swapping formulas for breast milk and feeding cows with grains they are unable to digest. The good news is that the breast milk issue has largely been reversed saving the lives of so many children however feeding grains to cows is still a big problem as children need milk for proper growth and to avoid untimely death.

2. Embracing a culture of death and buying and selling of the bodies and souls of humans for experimentation and the development of synthetic sicknesses and diseases as an economy-boosting enterprise. Many children die from this issue

3. There was a generation that decided to turn the world into a tiered system of wealth, reclassifying poverty as wealth and wealth as poverty. To be wealthy meant deficit financing. To this has now been added Cryptocurrency, a way of turning internet computer pixels into money which is actually the art of convincing people to part with their hard-earned money for someone else’s imaginary money while uncontrollably ballooning the money supply. These two issues are some of the reasons for today’s runaway inflation and global poverty that can no longer be engineered away by using deficit financing or any other financial engineering tools. The truth can no longer be hidden. Every nation is poor.

In poverty, children die and suffer the most. 

Here are 2 more issues. These 5 issues are just some of the many issues that are responsible for today’s children’s demise. 

4. Today’s adults made the decision to become a virtual society living outside of reality Consequently we have virtual social connectivity, virtual families, virtual real estate, currencies, and so on as well as games. All these things have a negative effect on mental health as well as the body’s immune systems that keep us alive. They also reduce the funds that people have to take care of their children.

We the adults incorporate the children into these lifestyles from the womb so many are born with deficiencies that become apparent when issues that should automatically be addressed by the body are not resolved, resulting in issues like stroke, severe depression and suicidal tendencies, cancer, heart attacks, and even death in children even younger than 5 years of age.

Some children begin to use ipads and are exposed to all kinds of computer games at 6 months when the brain is just starting to build the foundation of the body’s defenses. These get compromised and unable to handle the challenges of human living.

This has left many of today’s children with a low quality of life and dependent on prescription drugs. Just imagine what the healthcare cost is going to be in a few decades if these issues are not addressed.

5.  The current generations of adults bought into the lie that humans who are unable to and indeed do not have the capability to even produce perfect computers are able to change things, redefine nature and improve upon perfect nature. This was based on a gross misunderstanding of the love of our maker forgetting that humans are not the only beings in nature and no one member of nature is allowed to destroy another.

Hundreds of years ago because of economic greed some adults refused to stop the business of enslaving the people upon whose covenant with our maker their very existence was dependent.

In rebellion they decided to redefine the seed of Abraham Isaac and Jacob as a way of justifying their activities, they tried to change their identity from being Jews into being classified by the color of their skin and the place of their birth as black, Africans, Negro, etc.

They gave the Hellenites who are Europeans who choose to try to be like the Jews and serve our maker the identity of the Jews and tried to swap the history and identity of these groups as a way to justify slavery. This has not aged well resulting in a curse upon the world, confusion, chaos, genocide, wars racism based on ignorance and a lie, etc. as the world has been spinning out of control since then. 

Why? Because, the earth, can only yield, to humans by the covenant made on Mt. Sinai by our Maker with these people, and from them, the blessings flow out to everyone but they must serve our Maker in Spirit and in truth which was last achieved during the Benin Empire. Their falling away from this requirement due to deception has closed the door to the blessings until they are restored.

In today’s world, they no longer recognize themselves, are confused, and consequently are not able to be the blessing they are supposed to be.

The result is a world of confusion where no one knows the difference between good and evil, a world where the imagination of the intentions of the heart of the people is only evil and darkness continually and sickness and diseases, and murder is classified as science, darkness, lies, poverty, and chaos is classified as light and angelic thoughts are confused with wisdom and knowledge. This is what we and our children have instead of blessings and abundant life.

Children who make it till adulthood find themselves bogged down with mental health issues they are unable to handle, sicknesses just from eating, as real food becomes more difficult to find at an affordable price making synthetic food the only option for many, and they face oppression from angelic forces they do not understand and become depressed and the cycle goes on…

As we can see, economic greed gotten by dark activities of deception and self-sabotage only has a fleeting gain if at all.

As we noted at the top of the page, we are all in the world today at a resultant crossroads of grave decision-making and mental health deficiency yesterday’s adults never anticipated

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